Saturday, March 24, 2007

end of hiatus

or maybe just a break from it.

wow. it's been more than a month since i last stepped into this page. chinese new year has been and gone. ally and bryan, also been and gone, but will be coming back!! yipppeee!! can't wait.

so what have i been up to? one word. WORK. boooooorrrriiiiing, i know. unfortunately, what they say about advertising is true. you don't get to have a life. work is life. life is work.

it's been a long, long week and i'm absolutely exhausted. oh. and i'm trying to quit nasi lemak. today will be day one - attempt #3. shit. this is not good. it's just as hard as quitting cigarettes i swear!!

i have told my colleague to stop buying me nasi lemak everyday, which is a start. but then, out of nowhere, i still find nasi lemak on my table from OTHER colleagues!! *faint* how to quit like that??

i think it's time for me to print out a big sign saying "nasi lemak free zone".

that might work. thursday night i worked til 5am and came back in on friday afternoon. surprise surprise. there was a packet of nasi lemak (as a bribe or thank you gift?) on my table greeting me. aaaarrrggghhh.

so here goes. NASI LEMAK REHAB starts again. wish me luck.