Thursday, October 26, 2006

temping it out

do you ever sometimes feel like there are stages in your life that serve as pit stops?

these stages of your life allow you to stop for awhile... to service your thoughts and figure out what parts need to be fixed and replaced.

i'm there.

there are so many parts of my life that are in a mess right now. i need to do some spring cleaning and clear out the mess. it'll take some time.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

today is the last day of my much needed five day break. tai lo olivia has been our pet tourist the last few days while TY the slut is enjoying herself in south america.

i'm absolutely appalled at MNG's customer service here in malaysia. really.

olivia bought a jacket from MNG but decided that she could've spent her money on other things, so she took it back for a refund. on the counter is a sign clearly stating "we accept refunds or exchanges at any shop within the country of purchase." leave a little room for error in my paraphrasing but that is pretty much what it said. it made no mention of not accepting refunds due to change of mind. just the standard 7 day return with tags.

so olivia went into MNG and said she would like a refund. the salesgirl blatantly refused to give her a refund and insisted that she needed to go back to the store of purchase. of course, olivia got pissed off and pointed to the sign on the counter but the salesgirl stubbornly refused.

what the hell?

so, never mind. we went to back to midvalley where the jacket was purchased and asked for a refund. the salesgirl started stammering and asked a senior staff to handle it.

out comes the senior staff.

"yes, miss?"
"i would like to get a refund for this jacket."

sensing that this was going to be another big hassle, olivia firmly replied.

"because i don't like it."
"but obviously when you bought it you liked it, right?"
"well, i got it as a gift from my sister and i don't like it."
"oh... okay... but, you know... refunds are a sensitive issue."

wtf? what's so sensitive about a damn refund?

"why don't you exchange for something else? maybe have a look around and see if there's something else you like."
"no, i've already had a look around and there isn't anything in here that i want. i would like a refund."
"well, if you really insist on a refund, i have to call my manager and get an approval."
"ok, go ahead."
"you sure you don't want to exchange for something else? i can give you a promotion. this friday we're having a sale. you can get 30% off the first item you buy. if you can exchange something, it would be better for us."

get approval? wat the hell? your policy already says you will accept refunds. why do you need to make such a big deal over nothing? and so what if exchanging items is better for you?! it's not about YOU. it's about the customer. that's why it's called customer service!!

"no, i don't want anything from MNG. i'd rather have the cash and buy something from zara that i really like."

olivia. you are fucking classic.

so the woman called her manager and got the approval.

"okay. we can refund you. but you need to write the reason for refund very clear and firm."

err... how much clearer do you want olivia to say she doesn't like it? i err... sorta... err.. kinda... errrrr... don't really like it... errrr...?


after all that hassle, olivia finally gets her refund and thanks the lady. the lady just stared back with a sour look.

ah.... customer service in malaysia. world's best!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

ahhh... peace and quiet....

nothing quite like chilling in a cafe with the soothing sound of an angry driver blaring their horn at a double parked car.

malaysia. third rudest country. third most inconsiderate nation? wat else should we aim to achieve...? second most kiasu country. first being singapore, of course. =p i HAVE to say that. i'm malaysian, after all.

nevertheless, i won't let anything spoil my weekend. nosiree. i find myself appreciating weekends so much more now. i went to bangsar baru to try and find some much needed clothes. the office people have already recognised a trademark look of mine... which means... i need more clothes. i've been living with my ten tops and three pairs of jeans for the last two months now.

shopping here has been a challenge. if i do manage to find something nice, it's usually waaaayyy overpriced. but today, i found bangsar baru to be my new shopping haven.

yes... i'm rediscovering things about kl. where to eat. where to shop. who the hell x celebrity is. it can be a little tiring feeling constantly lost, but it's fun at the same time.

one thing though.... i'm craving good red meat and a nice breakfast - The Works. bacon. eggs. sausages. sauteed mushrooms and spinach. grilled tomatoes. *droooooool* but i don't know where to find a good place for it. unless i cook myself... which is another thing i miss. cooking.

ah well. can't have everything eh.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

bone tired and raging

it feels like it's been so long since i've not felt tired.

i hardly have time to eat a proper meal... and when i do, i'm too tired to have the appetite to eat anything, no matter how hungry i am.

if i ever meet this client, i swear i'll have to be restrained from stabbing them fifty times with a blade. one stab for every change you've made me do.

last night i worked til 1.30am and had the WORST sleep ever. the entire night was spent dreaming about work - missing something out, adjusting alignments, making changes, etc. and to top it off, in the morning some idiot contractor kept ringing the doorbell like it was the end of the world and the house was the only safe place on earth.

ringing the doorbell three times in a row will not make anyone run three times faster!!


*taking a deep breath*

i'm looking forward to the weekend and hoping to go check out the bmw art cars exhibition at the petronas gallery.

ok... brain's shut down. can't... type... coherently... any.. more...