Wednesday, May 31, 2006

fore dowlah

warning: rant & rave up ahead

what a shit day at work. this damn survey we're working on at the moment is paid by interview. people around me were making $20-$30 per hour with interviews. my luck was rotten and i managed to earn a record of $4 per hour.

man... might as well go work in malaysia. i'm just too nice. people tell me they're not interested in doing a survey and i meekly thank them and put down the phone... coz i don't want to be a pushy, annoying sales type person, right.

so i end up earning $4 an hr instead. next time someone says they're not interested, i should just bully them into it.

"yeah, i'm not interested."
"well neither am i!! but if you don't do this survey, i don't get paid. i don't get paid, i get hungry and a hungry woman is an angry woman!! and an angry woman will keep your phone number, stalk you down, tie you and your woman up, cut your balls off while she watches and let you bleed like a slaughtered pig. still not interested?!?!"


hope i get a good run next shift. i'm poor. very poor.

Monday, May 29, 2006

superglue - it works

jet was trying to superglue his ear stud back onto the stud backing and managed to superglue his fingertip to the tube of glue. somehow it leaked from the bottom, and only realised much later when it had dried into an unyielding state.

i googled "removing superglue"... google is just so fantastic. it listed a few option so we decided to try soaking his finger & tube in some warm, soapy water... it didn't do shit. i think it was too dry for that. so we started soaking it in nail polish instead. it worked a tiny little bit... but after awhile, jet resorted to a blade.

no.. nothing drastic and hero like chopping his skin off. it's not like we're in medieval war or anything. it took about half an hour of slowly cutting the layer of superglue between the tube and his skin in between using an oil dropper to drip nail polish onto his fingertip. i was obssessing with the dripping and didn't even realise the tube had dropped off til a few seconds later and then went "oh".

moral of the story... wear gloves or use tweezers when handling superglue.

will post the pics up later.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

patrick is 28!!

happy belated birthday sei fei chai. =) i've wished u a day earlier, the day itself and the day after!! wishing you all the best and i can't wait to come back for your wedding!! hurry up and get organised to come back to melbourne. everyone's eagerly awaiting your return with rebecca.

a bloody affair

on friday, i had to go to st vincent's hospital for my appointment with the liver specialist and get a blood test done... during my period. but that couldn't be helped.. the appointment was made in february!! must be a lot of people suffering from liver problems in melbourne... too much alco?

i'm terrible when it comes to needles. there's just no way i could be a heroin addict. voluntary injections? you must be fucking nuts. i took a number and waited for my turn. every so often, an old lady would come out to call the next number. i prayed she was just the nurse, not the pathologist.

my prayer was blatantly ignored and chucked aside. she WAS the pathologist. it's not very reassuring when the person holding the needle squints through her glasses to look at you... let alone while she's trying to find your vein. not reassuring at all.

she got me to sit on the big green chair while jet stood by my side (i needed moral support) as she stuck the needle in. she showed me the tubes she needed filled with blood. there were 8 freaking tubes!! and she wasn't very gentle about it, i can tell you. naturally i looked away and after awhile, i suddenly heard:

"oh shit".
oh shit?!?!?! i thought to myself. oh my god.

the needle slipped and drops of almost black, thick blood started bubbling out.

"sorry love. i hope you got a good vein in the other arm."
other arm?? you're not done yet?? fucccckkkkk.

it was only halfway through. by the time she pulled out the needle from my other arm, i was a traumatised mess. i started sobbing like an abused baby behind the lady's back while she organised the blood tubes. jet just looked at me with half amusement, half worry. after we left the pathologist, i continued sobbing like a bitch.

i honestly don't know what came over me. my only explanation is my period... and the period of tenseness and fear.

i emailed my mum about it and she replied

Far out !!!!! Why did you pick to go and have bloods taken when you are having your period??? I would have fainted....... !!!!!!

oh well. on a better note, i went to watch X3 with jin min, ling yan, bambi & her brother - jonathan.

it was as good as i expected. my only critique would be that they should have introduced the newer characters abit more... and have had a few more in there too. i was really disappointed with angel. he didn't do shit 'cept fly around. sheesh. and i was hoping phoenix would be cooler, but she was just a moody, broody thing.

apart from that... i definitely want to get the box set!! x-men will be to me as lotr is to bambi. to lesser extremes, perhaps.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

getting old

what's wrong with me? i slept at like 11pm last night and woke up at 7.30am. that's just not right. *sigh*

so much work to do... two more weeks... two more weeks... til i drift in the middle of nowhere looking for somewhere to drop anchor.

i have no idea how designers free lance. anyone want to enlighten me?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

traipsing around...

sometime over the weekend i had to go take some "shopping" themed photos for the magazine. i'm like sooo not a skilled photographer but desperate times call for desperate measures, i guess. it's not nice knowing i'm a desperate measure. ah well.

naturally... jet tagged along like the cute little puppy he is. *grin*

what better place to take photos of shopping than the GPO!! formerly melbourne's General Post Office... i now call it the Glorified Post Office. whoever came up with the idea of converting the post office into a shopping haven... was either a genius or an eccentric person with too much moolah. i think it's a great idea personally... and it's turned out quite pretty-la.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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and so shopping we went... for jin min's pressie... which *ahem* was totally unoriginal. sorry jin min, but you're sooo hard to shop for!! you've got EVERYTHING... and a LCD tv added to the collection. damn you.

we were deciding whether or not to watch da vinci code after i finished work at melb central.

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and decided not to.

later that evening after i finished work, jet "picked me up" ie. met me at the tram stop and went to crown for dinner. he said he felt like taking me out. awwwww. of course, his "taking me out" still means going dutch. and we all thought jin min was cheap. HAHAHA. i'm so going to be hit later.

after dinner we loitered around crown like high school kids. went into fcuk... they are sooo overrated. totally and utterly. we sat down on the couches and i started taking a couple of photos before getting yelled at by the woggy sales boy. i call him boy coz he's just not worthy of the word man. fair enough if your shop's deco is totally original and to-die-for... but fcuk in crown just looks like EVERY OTHER shop. so who wants to take photos of your damn store. i'm taking pictures of THIS!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yes i know. store policy and he's just doing his job. but in this store... the policy is just not justified.

ok i better run... gonna be late for class. oops.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

birthday shout


to my wunderful, chubby, cheeks-like-a-baby's-bottom cousin...

stop locking yourself at home feeling old and sorry for yourself. have you looked at your reflection lately?? you look like you're TWELVE!! so come out and celebrate!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

the best therapy : retail

warning: super girly post

wheeeeeeee. i just went to pick up my anniversary ring today... after waiting like 3 weeks. and then decided i'd drop by the general trader in melbourne central to get some house-y stuff. MORE house stuff... yay!!

i figured since i was in melbourne central, i'd go pick up the peter alexander cardigan i had my eye on a few weeks ago. but they were out... =( so i bought a pair of super cute flanelette pj pants instead. hee hee. they're sooo comfy... i'm wearing them now. they're white and *shock horror* PINK! i never get pink... but they were really nice. so girly... but dammit, i'm a girl so let me indulge abit.

i really wanted a sweater/jumper/cardi so i stopped by country road. i saw quite a few knits there so i thought i'd just give it a try. had trouble deciding between a fresh green and a light grey... being the boring person i am, i decided to get grey. it reflects on my boring personality. *sigh*

jet was in a guy dilemma: what hair product to get?

yea... he doesn't have much hair at the moment *ahem* but let him indulge abit la. he bought a mousse (i've never heard of a guy using mousse before) and some putty.

we got home and both of us looked at our purchases and grinned excitedly like silly kids. i rushed to put on my pj pants while he dashed to the toilet to try out the mousse. i went in to see how it was progressing...

"that's a lot of mousse..."
"heh... yeah i thought i was using shampoo."

i rolled my eyes and walked out. a couple minutes later he came in with his hair standing up.

"i look like a bird that fell into a pond!" he wailed.

i laughed so hard.

"i'm going to try the other one now."

couple minutes later...

"umm... at least this one looks a little less like a wet bird."
i burst out laughing... (it didn't) ^_^

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

blasphemous prayer

to whichever deity it may concern,

i have one simple request. please let me graduate this semester. i may be the slackest student ever, but i have good intentions. i really do. besides... it wouldn't be very nice if my father slit my throat, or if i jumped off a cliff. i exaggerate but you get my point.

i hope you will take this prayer into consideration.

your loving worshipper,

as much as i hate the thought of having to jump into the rat race... i have to. i realised i had to graduate this semester when i filled out an application form to rent a property.

course: multimedia
length of course: 3 yrs
what year are you in? 5th

i'm not really a dumbass. i must explain first that i actually started with a 4 yr double degree. i dropped one degree but still had to do another 3 yrs anyway because of the course structure. so technically... i'm only one semester behind.

that's how i justify myself. but... at the end of the day, it doesn't change the fact that i am a slack, lazy ass. damn me. all i can do now is cross my fingers, pray like a fanatic and hope to hell i make it through. three more weeks...


the idiot who owed me money finally payed up. coincidentally... about the same time i decided to rage and spiel about it. doobeedoobeedoo... now i'll have to wait for the next installation of payments. let's see if he makes a new record time.

i'm greatly anticipating X3!! i saw a brief moment of the appearance of archangel (although i think he's only known as angel at this stage of the story)!! i loooove archangel. i don't know why... i just always have. i like the whole idea of fallen angels. anyone wanting to come watch with me?

Monday, May 15, 2006

me defined

i'm procrastinating... so i decided to jump on the bandwagon and see how my name would be defined.

umm... is that a compliment or the ultimate insult? i like butter. but i don't particularly want to LOOK like it. yellow and greasy.

unsatisfied... i tried again.

creepy. that's me down to a tee.

i'm slippery? so i'm yellow, greasy and slippery.

eeeeEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee!! don't you have anything nice to say about me? *pout* i don't really fart all thaaaat much. i just burp like jin min. yeah ok, i guess i am flatulent. hee hee. i'm a total charmer.

one last attempt.

ummm... really? i've never tried. i don't even like it. BAH.

screw you quizgalaxy.

dance dance evolution

or is it revolution? watever. anyways jet came across this little treasure. this guy is feckin good i tell ya.

oh, btw it has nothing to do with the jap dancing game. watch evolutiondance.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

i want to be mute

i wonder how long my sanity will remain intact before i go loco with this job. after hours of blabbing on and repeating the same sentences word for word, my mind blanks out and becomes a puree of grey matter. i just don't want to open my mouth and utter a single word unless necessary.

today, i had a whole string of rude people on the line. at the top of the list is some guy who agreed to do the survey, and after the second question he started being a real prick with a pole up his ass. after a few more questions, the computer decided he wasn't the right candidate.

"so you're not going to use that? you've just wasted my bloody time!! fuck off you stupid bitch!"

he hung up.

i was a little stunned, then amused... then i got pissed off. if he was soooo damn reluctant to do the survey, just don't fucking do it. if you're going to participate, don't be a wanker. if you're going to be a wanker, save us all the trouble and piss off.

my, my... haven't i just been full of angst lately? ally... your angry-bangriness might be rubbing off on me.

i can't find my damn camera... which explains the lack in photos. boo hoo shoo.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

i'm just a minion

watch out for the first issue of efx magazine to be released 1st june. it's a free distribution lifestyle magazine aimed towards the asian youth community of melbourne, though it covers areas of interest for all ethinicities.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

spread the word!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

down with stress

i do not deal well with stress. right now... i'm having very vivid mental images of throwing my beeping phone and smashing it to smitherins. of course, i'll regret it later... which is why it remains a mental image.

i want to throw my mouse at the monitor. though neither has done anything wrong. i just want to.

no... i definitely do not thrive on stress. and to those who do... i think you're BLOODY INSANE.

i'm excitable

i get excited by the littlest things sometimes. today... it was toilet paper.

yes. toilet paper.

jet and i went grocery shopping today and i picked up a massive 16 roll pack of toilet paper. i have this paranoia about running out of toilet paper. it's like the ultimate nightmare when you've taken a huge shit... or worse... had diorrhea, and you run out of toilet paper. super CIALATS.

while putting away groceries, i opened the cupboard, hugging the toilet paper with a silly grin on my face.

"we have soooo much toilet paper!! am i the only one who gets this happy about toilet paper?"
"yes.... it's like you eat it," jet replied in his usual stoic demeanor.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

gloom gloom and doom

the title might possibly give you an inkling of my current mood, which is caused by this depressing weather. i hate winter. ABSOLUTELY HAAAATEEE it. unless i'm by a heater, in bed or watching a dvd curled up under a thick quilt.

the most depressing thing is.... winter's only just started. say WHAT?? b..bu..but... it's been cold for aaaagessssss!! well... it's just the beginning. damn.

i've fallen back in love with raymond e. feist once again. i'm addicted like a coke whore. i'm even having dreams of being in the centre of some epic saga. i wake up stiff and tired from the tension and torrent of emotions that i go through in my sleep. it's thoroughly exhausting.

i find my mind constantly wandering to the story and feeling very tempted to pick up the book just for a teeeeny little while. like now.

just a teeny little while.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

coward of debt

to the idiot who owes me money

i have been patient long enough. when you asked if i could sign up for YOUR phone contract, i obliged against all my better judgement, for i somehow had a feeling this would happen. but out of duty, i obliged anyway.

certain events occurred leading you to decide not to come back to melbourne. fine. i called the phone company to cancel the contract on your behalf. however, they offered me an alternative which i took as it would cost you less. after several frustrating phone calls, the arrangement was made.

i proposed for you to pay me a once off total to save you on TT fees, considering the foreign exchange would be working against you. you said you would pay month by month. fine. one month passes. two months pass. i ask you politely to transfer me the owing balance. you say you will... soon.

three months pass. i asked you again where the money was. you said you transferred it and would check to see what happened. four months pass. i ask again and you say you'll get your brother to transfer it to me. five months pass. i ask you again what's happened. no reply. i sms you. no reply. i msn you. no reply.

i ask your brother. he says you owe him money and he passed you money to pass to a friend. the friend didn't get the money.

and now you're blogging about life perking up for you. you're getting a new bmw. well... good for you. then i'm sure you should have no problems paying up your debt, asshole. or at least replying my messages to let me know what you plan to do about it. is that really so much to ask for?

when you owe someone money, especially someone who is doing you a favour, have the fucking guts to face up to it and do the right thing. i shouldn't have to keep asking you for it. you should be so lucky i have the decency not to shout out your name, as tempting as it may be.

but what good would it do anyway. you'd just tell everyone some twisted side of your story to make out like i'm the bitch in the wrong. well... i guess that's what cowards do. and that's what you are.

Friday, May 05, 2006

PMS ramble

i just made my first attempt at pan mee today. the perfect meal to accompany a girl on the first day of her period. it was so good, three of us finished up the whole pot. and i was hoping for leftovers.... ah well.

now my stomach's suffering the consequence. period + 2 bowls of pan mee = fucking preggers (pregnant) belly.

lately i've been noticing how big my waist has become. the other day i tried on a pair of pants. i SWEAR it fit me last yr. i couldn't zip it up this time!! WTF?!?!?! this has NEVER... i repeat, NEVER happened before. i blame jet for his incessant eating, hence, making me want to eat as well. what is it about relationships that just steer you towards the "horizontal path"?

i measured my waist and it's grown an inch since last year. so let's summarise my body now, shall we? i have NO BOOBS, a BIG WAIST and NO HIPS. *sigh*

ally... donate some boobs please. bambi... since you keep complaining about your explosive hips, i would gladly take some off you. and err... if you want some waist, i'll gladly oblige. hmm... seems like a one-sided trade, doesn't it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

reverting back to survey whoring

since bambi has undertaken ally's challenge, i figured i'll rise up to it too. haven't done any survey whoring in awhile now...

One song……. from your early childhood.

I think the first song i learnt the full lyrics of and started singing badly along with my then best friend was We Could Be In Love by Lea Salonga & Brad Kane.

One song……. you are associating with your first big love.

Hmm... strangely enough... it's not some soppy ballad or emo rock song but American Dream by Jakatta

One song……. which reminds you of one of your holidays.

anything by Gypsy Kings... they always had those lame live bands in the hotel foyers when i was a kid... bamboleoooooo... bamboleaaaa... blablablablablablabla

One song……. you like, but you have problems confessing to.

some boy band songs... ye know toooo muuucchhh... i shall have to kill you now

One song…….. which accompanied you, while you were love sick.

i think i was too busy being lovesick to take note of what rubbish i was listening to. i DID create a special playlist called "depressing songs" though... emo rock nonsense.

One song……. you listen most often to in your life.

possibly jewel's you were meant for me coz it's like one of the few songs i can kinda sing to without bursting eardrums... haha

One song……. which is your most favored instrumental.

over the sky by hitomi from the Last Exile soundtrack. haha. trust me to pick a song from an anime.

One song……. which represents one of your most favoured bands.

any answer i give here will be regretted later coz i will always think of a better answer.... i'm fickle.

One song…… in which you recognize yourself or through which you somehow feel understood.

anything in a foreign language as i wouldn't understand a word... that pretty much sums up me vs me. haha. i suppose for now i could say mad world by michael andrews ft gary jules would be a good choice.

One song…… which reminds you of a certain occasion.

lightning crashes by live reminds me of school socials. it was like the cue for all the guys to grab some ass.

One song…… you like which belongs to the Hip Hop/Rap genre.

i wanna ride witcha, ride witcha... ride with you - Joe, G-Unit & fiddy cent

One song……. which is the best for you to relax.

anything that doesn't make me wanna shake my legs and bop my head... or rip my hair out.

One song……. which symbolizes a great time in your life.

my memory fails me...

One song……. which is your favorite song at the moment.

carla bruni - quelqu'un m'a dit

One song……. which you would dedicate to your best friend.

i can't... coz i don't have one. sad but true... i'm an alien no one connects to.

One song……. where you have got the feeling that no one besides you likes it.

lisa loeb songs...

One song……. you like because of its lyrics.

sting writes fantastic lyrics...

People i want to do this:

- Michael

- whoever actually reads this

Monday, May 01, 2006


i am no longer an unemployed bum leeching off the taxes of the australian working class. i hear gasps and wine glasses falling from alcoholic hands.

i only mean a part-time job, of course. malaysia would be a developed country by the time i get a proper job. HAHAHA. yes... i'm highly optimistic about my job prospects but let's leave that for another time.

i applied for a job at roy morgan research as a telephone market research interviewer. yes... i will be one of those annoying people that call you up while you are having dinner to say, "hi i'm alysia from roy morgan research. would you be willing to take a few minutes to participate in our blablabla research?" or some shit like that.

and then you would say, "no, fuck off. i'm trying have a nice quiet dinner without you damn people calling me every minute of the bloody day!" and proceed to slam down the phone.

and then i would say, "what a grumpy fucker."

but on the bright side, at least i won't be trying to sell you telstra or optus broadband. or foxtel. now THEY are annoying idiots. at least with market researchers, you say no and they hang up. telesales people go on and on and ooonnn and ooooonnnnnn.

i went for the information session today. aptitude tests don't get any easier than this. a 10 yr old could pass it. doesn't say much bout my credibility, i suppose, but i'm desperate for moolah since i quit my centrelink payments. i feel so liberated!! centrelink is nothing but a centre for headaches.