Monday, July 31, 2006

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i was going through my old pictures and came across this one which i took at snellings beach on ki. and you know... i realised, this picture depicts just how i'm feeling about life at the moment.

i'm standing on a rock staring out into an open sea of opportunities so vast, i don't know where to start. i'm staring out at it thinking about taking off, but i'm being held back by fear.

yup. that's me. a pondering pacific gull.


Your Elf Name Is...

Floppy Sugar Butt

EH!! i do NOT have a floppy butt okay?!! i like to think it's quite perky.... -_- but that could just be me. hahaha.

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have low extroversion.
You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.
A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.
You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.


You have low conscientiousness.
Impulsive and off the wall, you don't take life too seriously.
Unfortunately, you sometimes end up regretting your snap decisions.
Overall, you tend to lack focus, and it's difficult for you to get important things done.


You have high agreeableness.
You are easy to get along with, and you value harmony highly.
Helpful and generous, you are willing to compromise with almost anyone.
You give people the benefit of the doubt and don't mind giving someone a second chance.


You have low neuroticism.
You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.
Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.
Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is medium.
You are generally broad minded when it come to new things.
But if something crosses a moral line, there's no way you'll approve of it.
You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.
The Five Factor Personality Test

hmm... most of it is quite spot on. how interesting...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

and the weekend's over...

my thighs are SOOOOOO SORE from friday night's skanking at lavish. it feels like i've been snowboarding. goes to show... i need to build up my skanking stamina... with MORE skanking!! *grin*

the weekend's zoomed by so quickly, i feel robbed of time. the more time passes, the more pressure i feel with everyone questioning me, "so how's your job hunting going?"

-_- it's not. okay? not yet.

i don't get everyone's excitement over graduation. i really don't. it's the moment i've dreaded over the last... 8 or 9 yrs of my life.

anyway, enough about that. more bout the weekend.

i spent most of yesterday vegetating and recuperating from too much skanking and not enough sleep. damn jager bombs. i felt like i was recovering from a rave. i was completely exhausted but my brain wouldn't shut the fuck up.

went for dinner with my step-god siblings - kristy and ben - together with denise, olivia and ben's friend at this place called SOS in melbourne central. the interior concept made quite an impression on us. mostly because of the black slated wall that served as an automatic sliding door. that was tricky.

the food was good but at $35 for a main course, i would at least expect to be semi-full. service was great. portions were small. feeling unsatisfied, denise brought us to brunswick st for churros dipped in chocolate sauce.


den, that was superb!! the place was so packed that kristy, olivia and i waited in the car while ben and denise ordered some to takeaway and we happily munched away on the side of the road... because tai ka che denise wouldn't let us eat in her black beast.

after that, we headed down to la la land but it was too packed so we went to golden monkey instead - where ally and bryan had their engagement party. and bryan made his oh-so-famous declaration of love speech.


i think we spent a good 3-4 hours sitting at golden monkey. alice, jacqui, bryan and ally joined us a little later whilst ben, kristy and her posse left. and you know what? i came home with a stunning realisation.


because golden monkey is a non-smoking bar. you have NO idea how bloody good it feels. ah, if only it were that way all the time.

today was spent grocery shopping. we have sooo much food i can't help but smile just thinking about it. jet's cooking up a storm tonight... i'm so hungry my mouth is watering. i feel like jm's dog - chloe - as she watches you eat KFC.... drool hanging precariously off the side of her mouth stretching to the ground.

mmm... lamb. grilled veg. black forest cake. thanks jet!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


TY, mili, jacqui and alice picked me up with TY dangerously behind the wheel. it just reminded me of when we were back in kl after mambo.

"can drive or not?"
"can!! no problem!!"
"you sure?"
"it's a mercedes!! don't worry... got airbags!!"

-_- die.

we arrived at lavish safely and hopped out of the car to be met with denise, olivia, sabrina and katie. suddenly, all we heard were alice and olivia screaming and squealing like mad women. turned out they both came out wearing the same top. and unfortunately, it wasn't like an inconspicuous white, black or grey top.

it was bright orange.

fortunately, i had layered two tank tops so alice dragged me to the toilets for an impromptu wardrobe change. drama solved.

the night started off with jager bombs. i'd never tried it before. it's just a shot of jagermeister which you dunk into a glass of red bull. two of those had me bouncing around like energiser bunny for the rest of the night.... along with several whiskies.

i was surprisingly sober... considering i haven't been drinking much in a long time. and i hadn't really eaten much for dinner. still... skanking was aplenty. and we all know... the skankier, the more fun!!

and to think... it took me about a year to start a conversation with this crazy bunch.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


okay... it's 11:09pm. i was supposed to meet jon & co at 11pm. my hair is toussled, my eyes are chinky and i'm still in my pyjamas. i kinda overslept. damn phone.

i'd set my alarm for 9pm but didn't enable it!! i guess no velour for me tonight...

and i remember weng hong telling jon:

"aiyaaa she sure ffk wan"
"oh really?"
"always says she'll come but end up ffk-ing."
"nooooo!! i don't always ffk!!

okay... i guess i just proved weng hong right.

i hate cigarette smoke

i really do. i can't stand the smell of it and i don't know how you smokers can handle smelling like cigarettes all day long.

i just got back from rue bebelon with ewan and his gf, lina. and i stink of smoke. gahhh. time to think about dinner before getting some rest and heading off to velour with weng hong and jon tatt.

i'm sooo tired. i don't know how i'm going to fend weng hong off from shoving drinks in my face. i can GUARANTEE it's going to happen.

time to go crash for a little while...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


simple word. issues.

it's only six letters but it weighs a ton. it's a small word to carry so much weight. it covers everything - problems, doubts, fear, hate, topics, avoidance...

what a word.


we all have issues. women issues. men issues. racist issues. issues with people. issues with work. issues with god. issues with marriage. issues with ourselves.

what would we do without issues? we'd be dead bored. we wouldn't have anything to nag at our minds, turn the wheel of the grey matter. we'd never suffer from sleepless nights. we'd never have anything to debate/argue/fight about.

we have issues with having issues. that's how much issues we have. me, you, them, society, the world. we BREATHE issues. issues makes the world go round.

but some of us are better at blocking out issues than others.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a peek into the past

the feeling of anxiety has faded somewhat, but i find myself unable to sleep. whilst attempting to compose a poem/lyrics, i decided to go through some old stuff.

the guitarist

hey mr guitarist, there’s something about you

the way your fingers slide, so gently across her
working your magic, the soft music you conjure
you’ve got me caught in a spell, a trapped creature

you stand up there in the light, for all to behold
there’s something mysterious bout the way you move
your eyes, they say, you hide behind your jaded mask
but you speak through your fingers as I hear your past

my heart beats to the rhythm of your sad love song
i want to hold you, and tell you everything
release you from your pain and all your suffering
I want to let you bind me with your acoustic strings.

Simple Reality

feed me with a spoonful of imagination
to wash down the dryness of reality
listen, for i give you now a piece of me
served on a plastic plate to take away

step on the train, down to materialist city
where perfect is on sale and people are made
glass is the new grass, and beliefs fade
as you slip away from creative instinct

i need a ticket, one-way trip back to me
departing at three years ago today
i'm tired, i'm dry, i'm bleeding grey.

it's been awhile since i've tried to write anything...

that gut feeling

i suddenly have that anxious feeling you get before something is about to happen...

your heart beats faster and harder
your stomach is sinking
your mind is abuzzing
your heart is leaping through your throat

oh what could it be... what could it be. perhaps it is nothing. perhaps it is something...

Monday, July 24, 2006

how can i resist?

here's my attempt at avoiding talking about real issues. thanks bambi!!

1. What would your made up langauge sound like?
que raveno sitervi comola estamundo quivase amardio jama riverto. ok so it just sounds like made up spanish. so what?!

2. When you are faced with a situation at work/uni/home where you just want to kill someone...what would your modus operandi be to put them through as much pain as possible?
if it was a him - tie him up, cut his balls off and leave him to bleed while watching porn. for a female - tie her up and have sex with her bf/husband/crush/lover while she watches him writhe in pleasure. i am ultimate evil. of course... it's all in the imagination.

3. If you were an X-man/woman which powers would you combine to be like "Captain X-man"?
phoenix's level 5 capabilities, nightcrawler's teleporting skills, mystique's shape-shifting, psylocke's hotness and psionic blade topped with jean gray's lover, Cyclops.

4. Now that you have your X-man powers, what would your name be?
Lady Mindfuck

5. If you could be any race from Lord of the Rings (you knew this was coming) what would you be?
elf of course!! a spellweaver.

6. If you could get ONE crazy insane law passed in parliament, what would it be?
since they will be banning smoking from bars and clubs (eventually?)... wireless hotspots at ALL cafes and bars. internet junkie exposed.

7. If you could be a vampire from any vampire style film which one would you be?
Queen Akasha - the mother of them all.

8. How would you explain (in any physics/metaphysics) the ability that kung-fu fighters seem to have when they walk on water?
i failed physics. perhaps, when you reach a stage where your feet skim quick enough over water, you won't have enough time to sink into it. i've tried the theory before. three steps was as far as i got before plunging ungracefully.

9. Why do films like Armageddon make people cry? (enter in your own tissue prone film)
bambi... wat kind of question is this??? because such situations are unrealistic and in reality, people no longer have that kind of honor and courage, but we like to believe it still exists and we weep over the fact that we will never have that kind of love proven to us. (wow... i just managed to bullshit thoroughly)

10. What is the worst film you've PAID to see? Those ripoff dvd's don't count.
SYRIANA!! three words - what. the. fuck??

Friday, July 21, 2006

cancerous birthday



getting old...

saggy balls...

beer gut...

the charms of aging.

i hope you have a fantastic birthday babe. with the above visuals embedded in the back of your mind. fantastic things to look forward to.


i don't feel the need to write a whole testimony to all your good traits because i believe you know them already. so let's just concentrate on the fact that i am glad we have managed to survive everything so far and i definitely treasure our idiosyncratic friendship.

be strong! you're not alone. so enjoy and celebrate the day of your birth because i certainly will.


today was the first nice sunny day i've had in melbourne since i got back. warm rays of sunlight dancing on my face. it was a great feeling. even better... jet and i went to boba pearl to satisfy my craving for mee pok.

we're like boba pearl stalkers. i was thoroughly upset when i found out that they were closed last week. since then, every other day we've been checking to see whether it's open.

mee pok stalkers. that's us.

after lunch, i headed over to bambi's to catch up with her. i hadn't seen her since the day i left to go back to KL!! i hate you for always looking so good skanky b!! natural beauty. BAH! i hate you natural beauties. hehe.

moving on... feel free to just stop reading if you haven't already. this post is simply the ramblings of a person gripped with a sudden case of insomnia.

it was a very enlightening chat. thank you very much for that. life, relationships, job seeking and friendships. all in one!! oh... and not forgetting x-men. how could i forget. x-men fucking rocks my world and i know it rocks yours too.

i have a headache.

i think i'll just stop now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

written diarrhea

after muuuucccchhhh procrastination, i've finally finished my magazine work. not that it was a lot, mind you.

and now i've got this inane desire to go out and drink. but there's no one to go out with. and i can't drink. *sob* see... if i was in KL, i wouldn't have this problem. bah. i still miss home.

oh my god. you know what i'm hearing in the background? jet is watching his induction dvd and eating sunflower seeds. such a nerd. nerd nerd nerd. i want to be a nerd too. but i don't have the dedication.

my stomach's been PMS-ing all day. one moment i need to take a crap, the next it refuses to let me. finicky bitch. just like its owner. ugh... talk about anal retention.

meanwhile. MICM is being a bitch. but i shall save that rant for another day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

inspired by bambi

we are now deep in our survey whore phase. if you hadn't noticed. soooo... bambi has created her own little 10 things to which i have modified. because i reeeaaaally don't want to do any work.

5 things you wanted to do/have when you were in high school:

1. be accepted. i was always the newbie. innocent little private school brat stepping into ghetto gangster government school where everyone came from the same schools ie. alam shah, sri petaling, sri damai, etc. then i was the only asian kid stepping into a small community school on an isolated island (which isn't even on the map) where everyone had grown up together, from stealing each other's pacifiers to stealing each other's boyfriends.

2. BOOBS!! and i haven't grown out of it yet. i STILL want boobs. still ever hopeful that one day i will suddenly find myself with more than just a handful.

3. to be at least 5 ft 6". yeaaahhh... that never happened either. oh well, at least i don't have problems with guys being shorter than me. unless they're viet. HAHAHAHA. okay, i'm going to get chopped up for saying that.

4. be a writer/artist/designer. jack of all trades, queen of none.

5. be a wiccan and practice witchcraft. great minds think alike bambi! except i didn't cast curses. i bought monthly issues of witchcraft magazines, a pack of tarot cards (which i still have), cast white light and all sorts of other ala-kazam she-bang and had spiritual meetings with my accursed companion, kristy. ahhh... days of naivety.

5 things you used to say in high school: (this is really testing my memory)

damn cun! (really hot, fantastic, great, etc)
2. cool!
3. what a wanker!
4. i need to puke.
5. i want to die.

5 things you did in high school:

1. play truant. we would chill at leonard's house across the road or at johan's around the corner. otherwise, we'd go hang out at malls. ah those were fun days.

2. spent hours on the phone everyday. honestly, i don't know how on earth i spent three hours on the phone to ONE person. what did we have so much to talk about?? no wonder my dad locked the phone in his bedroom.

3. drank excessively every weekend. on kangaroo island, there's not much for a bunch of hormone-crazed teenagers to do. so if you're wondering why i can't stomach all sorts of alcohol now, this is why. no more JD, moonshine, champagne, cheap wine, cowboy cocksuckers, beer, etc.

4. underaged clubbing. i started at the tender age of 15. now i realise how ridiculously obvious it was that we were not old enough to be clubbing. i can just imagine the snickers and evil glares we were oblivious to.

5. scandalous affairs. what would teenage life be without scandals?

5 things you liked about high school:

1. boys. hell.. i had my first crush when i was like five. boys made high school much more interesting.

2. crazy friends. you know those loud, ANNOYING school kids you see? yeah... we were like that once. i'm sure you were too!

3. english. i loved english classes. most of my friends thought mrs brooksby was a sex crazed/deprived old woman, but i thought she was cool and she was one of the best teachers i had.

4. mr johnston. our physics teacher. he admitted to us all that physicists are all mad. MAD. i didn't learn much in physics but i spent half the time bent over holding my stomach in laughter. and the experiments were fun. especially when they went wrong.

5. performances. i love the practices, the adrenalin of going on stage, making fools of ourselves, choreography, the mad rush to finish everything for the big day.

5 people i want to do this:

1. michele
2. cam
3. michael
4. ally
5. you

a woman's cure-all


over the last week, in attempt to cure homesickness... AND to make up for the lack of shopping in KL i've backlashed. not to mention jet's sudden urge to go shopping all the time. which is REALLY rare. like... really.

so i've managed to 'acquire' seven tops, a pair of shoes, a necklace and a dvd.


no crappy subtitles that make no sense.
no skips.
no pixelated crap.
nobody coughing, laughing, talking or watever-ing.
nobody standing up in the middle of the show to go to the toilet.
no sudden blanks in subtitles when the characters are speaking for 5 minutes while the subtitles only translate "it was nice."
no special features section that only have trailers of OTHER movies.

yup. original.

and it was ordinary decent criminal starring kevin spacey. good movie. thanks Zee.

i'm in awe. an original dvd. wooowwww. i'm so jakun.

it's freaking me out!!

sometime last week i dreamt about a tsunami. my grandmother and i were driving along the beach when the waves started to rise higher and higher. in the end, we abandoned the car and climbed up the rock cliff to higher ground.

the next morning i woke up feeling disturbed. i somehow had a feeling that it would mean another tsunami would happen in the real world. and it did.

Tsunami kills dozens in Indonesia

More than 100 people are thought to have been killed in a tsunami triggered by an earthquake off the island of Java, the Red Cross in Indonesia says.

An Indonesian health official covers the bodies

This is not the first time it's happened. Ever since my brush with the tsunami in phuket, this is the second time i've dreamt of a tsunami and it's materialised into reality.

i'm freaked.

when we saw the news on tv, jet turned and looked at me.

"oh no."
"oh shit. you're kidding. i just dreamt about a tsunami that night!"
"why can't you dream about getting a new car or a new house? or winning the lottery or something?"

i wish. i want to win the lottery and never have to work in my life. hahaha. i'm the worst kind of person to have in society.

Monday, July 17, 2006

advertising shamelessly

the EFX Magazine website is now up. please feel free to visit us at

efx is a budding new free distribution magazine aimed towards the asian youth community in melbourne. for more information, visit the website and look out for our monthly issues around melbourne.

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if you are interested in advertising with us, have any enquiries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. contact details are available on the website.


end of magazine whoring. help us out and spread the word!

apologies to the dilettante

michael is one of my most fantastic friends in the world. here's one reason why.

in my bout of homesickness, which i'm still recovering from, i smsed him in jest.

"oi! let's go to william's! i want to eat chicken chop and drink sirap bandung!"

i didn't hear back from him so i thought he was just being cheap/sombong/busy with theatre/kickboxing/dance classes. then a couple of days later i received an sms from him.

"eh i drove to your house the other day to send you to williams but you weren't there! playing with my feelings is it? hmph"

ooooooops. haha. don't you call people to confirm before picking them up first? ish. useless. =p but thank you for that babe! i hope you've had some chicken chop for me in the lovely cockroach infested atmosphere.


back to reality. it's like dunking my head into cold water. time to get back to some work. okay, so i don't have a REAL job yet. stop sniggering/spluttering/protesting/fuming.

it's back to the magazine.
back to "hi, this is alysia from roy morgan research."
back to people telling me to fuck off or hanging up.

back to thinking of what to cook.
back to cleaning.
back to unpacking.
back to organising my life.

aaaaaaaaaaargh. ally. i know you feel it too. I WANT TO GO BACK INTO HOLIDAY MODE!!!

lacking inspiration

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. travel round the world... and then some
2. get my own feline bundle of joy = cat
3. take dance classes
4. appear on tv or magazine
5. learn spanish and japanese
6. learn to drive... outside of kangaroo island HAHAHA
7. have an orgasm!!

7 things I can do:

1. complain/stress/worry about what i CAN'T do
2. skank with my beloved DFSes
3. shop like there's no tomorrow
4. act like a 5 yr-old
5. hide my mata sepet with skillful make-up application
6. use "liver complications" as an excuse not to be force fed alcohol
7. eat a lot of pan mee

7 things I cannot do:

1. be a convincing chinese
2. public speaking
3. keep warm like normal warm-blooded mammals
4. save money
5. strut on the catwalk
6. socialise with a bunch of complete strangers
7. tolerate hateful racism (racist jokes are fine without hateful intent)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. soulful eyes
2. toned but not muscular
3. wit and humour
4. a healthy tan
5. intellectual conversations
6. confidence
7. great understanding and patience

7 things that I say most often:

1. fuck/fucking/fucker/feck
2. shit
3. oh. my. god.
4. ok cool
5. harrooooo!!
6. eh hallo!!
7. WTF?!

7 celebrity crushes:

1. jessica alba
2. angelina jolie
3. george clooney
4. ryan phillipe
5. jonathan rhys meyers
6. takeshi kaneshiro
7. johnny depp

7 people I want to do this:

1. bambi
2. mishL
3. michael
4. her
5. you
6. him
7. anyone who feels like it

like mole, like zebra

the moles on my face seem to hold some bizarre fascination to many. so much so that i've had countless people attempt to discover just how many moles there REALLY are on my face. so i set to solving that mystery.

there are TWENTY-THREE. okay? happy? for now anyway. now leave my moles alone for christ sake. and stop staring at me like a damn freak. i know... every girl likes attention but really... not this kind. it's slightly unnerving.

jet made a comment about it the other day.

"you know, you're like a zebra."
"well zebras don't know whether they're white with black stripes or black with white stripes. with you, it's like you don't know whether your face is skin with moles or moles with skin."

he guffawed. i gave him a death stare.

my aunt - jin min's mum - is constantly trying to get me to laser them off coz she thinks it makes my face look dirty. i find that mildy insulting... and slightly amusing. but hey, i LIKE my moles okay. i think they make me special. it gives me... ermm...


now i can see some of you just trying to look at any past pictures of me to see how many moles you can spot. -_- maybe it's just my paranoia. but. please. don't. they don't come up in photos so don't even bother.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

like a cornered deer

have you ever felt torn between saying only what you should and saying what you feel? while one part of you wants to spill out your heart's contents... the other part says it's better if you don't. better for you. better for the other person.

because it would lead to nothing. it would lead nowhere. so you just keep quiet and hope that one day everything will be alright once again.

and it will. time heals. perhaps more through memory loss than actual self-healing. but whatever works. time will heal.

procrastinator extraordinaire

i feel the need to start survey whoring again. rediscovering myself? haha. no stupid theory.

top 2 things found in your wallet:
:: cards
:: cash (if i'm lucky)

top 2 songs you can listen to again and again:
:: don't speak - no doubt
:: lightning crashes - live

top 2 books I read from cover to cover:
:: almost all my fantasy books
:: almost all my fantasy books

top 2 reasons to watch television:
:: desperate housewives
:: so eating alone isn't so boring

top 2 places I'd want to visit 10 yrs. from now
:: spain
:: everywhere

top 2 obsessions:
:: shopping
:: food

top 2 favorite names :
:: jonathan
:: alyssandra

top 2 favorite food:
:: pan mee
:: pasta, bak kut teh, char kuey teow... okay so i'm cheating. obssession #2 remember?

top 2 favorite snacks:
:: chocolate cake with a ton of cream
:: pasar malam food

top 2 favorite websites:
:: blogs
:: ebay (hee hee)

top 2 things u want to do:
:: travel
:: find myself a fun job that pays well (i can dream can't i)

top 2 goals you want to accomplish:
:: travel the world
:: own a clothes/deco store

top 2 favorite colors:
:: metallics
:: white

top 2 favorite part of the house:
:: kitchen
:: bed (go figure)

top 2 things you say most:
:: fucking (in the middle of a sentence okayyy)
:: ok cool

Thursday, July 13, 2006

when do you take off the mask?

dark days indeed. ever feel like you managed to make one of the biggest mistakes which could easily have been prevented but didn't have the strength to stop it? yeah. it feels like that now.

and the consequences? everybody involved gets hurt. everybody.

and suddenly you're left standing on an island.

and lost.
no direction.
no guidance.
only you.
your conscience.

melodramatic, perhaps. nevertheless... this is how i feel. and no one can save me but myself. corny, perhaps. but true. noone can save you from yourself. it is the one thing you cannot run away from.

why am i broadcasting this instead of hiding behind a mask?

because i'm sick of it. is it a cry of help? maybe. feeling sorry for myself? certainly though i have no right to.

i'm homesick. and i haven't been homesick in years. but i'm homesick now. and i'm taking off the mask now.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

mission accomplished

one word to describe the crowd at Laundry during the germany vs argentina match.


it was sooooOOOOoooo packed! i swear half of PJ's population was at The Curve. of all nights to have a bachelor's night... pat chose yesterday to go to laundry. CHEEE SIN!! one thing was clear though - we were going to get him drunk NO MATTER WHAT. it seemed like an almost unachievable goal... but after:

1/2 bottle of wine
exxxxtra strong long island tea (basically tequila)
margharita (just to wash down his long island tea)
2 flaming sambucas

he prodded paul and said, "i think you better follow me to the toilet."

okay... so he wasn't stumbling and paralytic but... if you know patrick... you WOULDN'T want to have to carry him home.

meanwhile... reb was having HER hen's night. she was yelling for help on the phone after 7 shots.

"heeeelp!! they're making me drink! they're making me drink!! kaooo mennnggg aaaa!!"

-_- i dread ever having to go through that. especially being surrounded with alcoholic psychos. yes... you. you know i'm talking about you.

after patrick did his bout of projectiles in the toilet, paul had to take him to rescue reb and bring them home. so i went to look for mili-with-a-willy. bumped into so many old faces. it was really nice catching up with everyone. and it was scary finding out just how small the world (or KL) really is.

i have to admit... the match was pretty exciting. even i found it vaguely entertaining during the penalty shootout. especially when edmund bet all his facial hair - even the eyebrows - on argentina.. and lost.

after the match, we went to the carpark only to find that milly-with-a-willy's car wouldn't start. so we were stuck in the sweltering, stuffy heat for about an hour. i found it rather amusing... though the boys might not have shared the same sentiment seeing as the next match was starting soon. plus... boys sweat like pigs. we females GLOW.

by the time i got home, i was beyond exhausted having only had 4 hours sleep the night before.

i managed to abstain from alcohol all night!! come on... gimme a medal or something, geez.