Thursday, September 25, 2008

moving on

i've decided to haul my proverbial ass over to another blog.

so. for more lisha-madness, go to

the end.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pooem of the day : 02

from alvin to me:

God damn it stinks.
Shit that sinks,
makes me feel more like a king
than a prince.
My company prints,
we do not use shit inks.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

jack and jill went up the hill

and i hope i don't come tumbling down like jill did. and i certainly don't want to break my crown like jack did.

i'm going hiking with the Malats to the waterfalls in Hulu Langat. somewhere out in the sticks. i have no idea where it is.

i asked michael if i could get a ride with him. he said yes (not like he has much choice =p).

"confirming time of pick up. 6.45am? groan. apologies in advance if i'm a grumpy bitch. haha"
he promptly replied, "Understood!"

i'm not exactly the morning type of person. but at least, i'm able to participate in minimal conversation now. it used to be just grunts and well... just grunts, really. and death stares.

i just hope this won't happen.

Ons got leeched!

i'll be armed with plenty of food and insect repellent. hopefully it'll be a nice sunny day and maybe, i might finally get a bit of a tan!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

click clicking clicked

surfing online these days is just getting far too dangerous for the likes of me and every other shopaholic.

with the copious amount of shopping blogs popping up all over, it's so hard to resist 'just looking'.

of course, many of these sites are utter rubbish. it's kind of like sifting through the shops in sungai wang to find your pieces of treasure. well, after much clicking, i've managed to find a few independent online stores that are bookmark-worthy.


lacquer and lace

neo vintage

the envelopes

ettoffe clothes

shopaholics unite

muff + stit


click click click, and before you know it, your bank account has plummeted dangerously low. and all you have to say to defend yourself is, "ooops. i didn't realise i clicked so much!"

okay. i'm off to meet my cousin for a potential project. i might actually get to use my tablet soon! *happy grin*

Monday, September 01, 2008

precious desires

there is one little store in melbourne which i have been deeply in love with for their unique collection of jewellery made by independent designers - e.g.etal

i have still yet to find out how it's supposed to be pronounced. i am loving their current collection. when i think of jewellery, i immediately look to this store for sparks of inspiration.

oh these really make my hands itch and start digging into my jewellery supplies. specially with the new stock my mum brought down for me. yay!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pooem of the day : 01

From alvin to me:

It's been awhile since i wrote a pooem.
So here goes...
When i say uh oh.
It means i got to go.
To where, u don't wanna know.
I'm hardly putting on a show.
Umm and santa goes ho ho ho.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the little chase

i had the most bizarre dream a couple of nights ago. it was the kind of dream that seemed normal until you wake up. once i opened my eyes and ran through the dream again, i couldn't help but giggle.

me: "guess what i dreamt about?"
alvin: *probably thinking "here we go again"* "what?"
me: "i got chased by a midget!"

alvin paused. then he laughed.

i had just driven into the carpark of a shopping center and i was ambitiously trying to reverse park. i kinda scraped the car beside me, but, it was such a minor scrape i figured i'd just pretend nothing happened.

then as i walked into the mall, a couple of guys were loitering around. one of them was a midget and he decided to follow me around. i got annoyed so i turned into a corridor and see whether he would continue following.

he did.

i turned around and spat, "wat the fuck is your problem?" and continued walking towards the stationery section in an attempt to lose him amongst the stationary shelves. i spotted william and alvin and ran to them.

the rest isn't really worth mentioning.

so yes. i was chased by a midget.