Sunday, January 27, 2008

driving phobia

everyone who knows me, knows i don't drive. or try very hard not to.

the thought of it stresses me out and i start to feel anxious. i wondered if it could be classified as a phobia, and if there was such thing as a driving phobia. there's phobias for everything these days.

so i googled 'driving phobia'.
  • You have the fear that you may lose control and cause an accident YUP

  • You are afraid to drive on congested town roads YUP

  • The fear is so intense that you become confused and fail to take the correct action HASN'T HAPPENED YET

  • You avoid driving in heavy traffic areas YUP

  • You don’t feel like driving in poor weather conditions YUP

  • You avoid joining motorways YUP

  • You are completely tensed while you are about to approach junctions, roundabouts and the vistas of numerous lanes YUP

  • You don’t want to go out of the house and make excuses for not driving OH DEFINITELY YES

  • While you drive, you feel tremendously anxious and uncomfortable YUP

i remember when we were teenagers and all my friends were dying to get their license so they could drive around on their own. i was never one of them. the longer i didn't have to drive, the better.

six years after taking my driving test, and i'm still a useless driver.

i think, if i don't die of a heart attack due to high cholesterol, i'll probably die in a car crash. worse still, is if i don't die and survive an accident with permanent brain damage.

aren't i just full of sunshine?

school reunion

what was supposed to be a chill out and catch up night with ridzwan, ended up in us going to velvet and unwittingly being part of a high school reunion.

all the samad rascals gathered in a crowded room; ridzwan, justin, collin, hisham, marcus, kok soong, megat johan, leonard..... and then there was me.

the rose amongst the thorns. or so, i'd like to believe. haha.

hisham, justin, johan, chin chan (don't remember him) and ridzwan sucking collin's dickiebird

hisham is now on mix fm.
justin is doing what he loves most - being paid to drink and party as a zouk ambassador - whilst continuing his studies.
ridzwan is working as in logistics.
and collin is still reshmonu's slave, i think.

it was nice to see so many old faces. brought back many memories for me mostly because i was the only one who left early to go over to australia. in a way, i think i was a familiar stranger to some of them.

collin was always the tall one. justin... kinda shot up like jack's beanstalk.

camwhoring with collin

but i had my two rascals to babysit me, so all was good.

not only was there a high school reunion. it just so happened they were good friends with a couple of my primary school friends. -_- KL is just too small.

i poked ridzwan. "hey, he looks damn familiar! is that azrul?"
"yea, it is!"
"shit. he's from my cempaka!"

then johan comes along.

"hey, this is rik. rik, this is alysia."
shazrik and i looked at each other, then laughed at johan. "we were in primary school together."

out of the blue, johan introduced me to another guy.

"alysia, this is lion."
i stoned. "i'm sorry. what?"
i looked at the guy. "lion??"
"yea. as in meowwwrrr," he said as he imitated a pussy cat with big paws.

i didn't quite know what to say to that, so i just smiled politely. poor guy must have parents with a wicked sense of humour.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


i just bought season one of girls next door. for those who haven't heard of it, girls next door revolves around the lives of hugh hefner's girlfriends and their lives in the oh-so-famous Playboy mansion.

i just finished watching the first disc. my brain hurts after watching it. after each episode, you need to take a five minute break or i swear, you'll start talking like them. it's incredibly brainless. the things they say really crack me up.

"people laugh at my sleep diet."
"what's a sleep diet?"
"you sleep. and when you're sleeping, you don't think about eating. you skip breakfast. you skip lunch. you wake up and you're skinny!"

*bang head on table*

i went to get my blood test done this morning, which was way overdue. i completely forgot i had to do a urine test as well. so i didn't bother drinking any water before leaving the house.

they gave me the container and showed to me to the toilet. it was a squat toilet. i drank one glass of water (which is alot by my standards). in i went.

five minutes later, out i came.

"can we do the blood test first? i can't pee."

after he took my blood, i gave it another try. i drank TWO more glasses of water. in i went.

ten minutes later, i came out.

"i still can't pee!! this is all i have!" i waved the container around, swirling the pitiful amount of urine in it.

"umm... i think it should be enough," the guy looked at me in amusement.

since last weekend, i've developed some weird itchy bumps all over my mid-torso down to my thighs. they look like bites and they itch like hell at night. at first, there were only a few. now they're spread all over!

i need to get rid of it quick before i go to PD and Krabi! imagine me strutting around in an itsy bitsy bikini, displaying my lovely rashes. i don't think people will appreciate the exhibition, somehow.

Friday, January 18, 2008

smooth as silk

i'm being really productive at work today, as you can tell. i've been going through sites like glamourpuss princess and frockshop.

makes me miss shopping in melbourne like hell. and it makes me want to kick myself for not buying silk when i was in siem reap last yr. why, oh why, did i not just pick up all that lovely raw silk?

you walk into any store now and look at the price tag of any silk top. you won't find anything for under rm300! at RM30/metre, i could've made ten tops for rm300 (coz everyone knows i don't wear much material)! *banging head on desk*

the next trip i make up north, i'll be prepared with sufficient funds to buy a whole luggage worth of silk, jewellery & clothes. *nodding head confidently*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

fab feb

february looks like it will be an eventful month.

my colleagues and i are planning a lil getaway on the first weekend of february. one night stay in Port Dickson, bbq and drinks on the beach, a bunch of rowdy chicks - should be fun.

the following weekend will be chinese new year. everyone is eagerly awaiting its arrival with open arms. the food. the gambling. the ang pows. and more gambling.

but this year will be different for us. everyone will be scattered all over the globe, so my parents decided to follow suit. we're going to krabi. more sun and sand!

before you know it, i'll be jobless and desperately looking for a job.

yeap. february will be a busy month indeed.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

two zero zero eight

christmas is gone. new year is gone. but chinese new year is coming up full speed ahead!

i never make resolutions, but this year, i felt compelled to make one. i need to start kickboxing again. i can barely walk up a flight of stairs without panting like a dog on heat. how like that? so i'm dragging donkey back to TNT with me next week.

last thursday, alvin, eddie, charlotte and i went down to melaka. i've been wanting to do a food journey for ages, so we took advantage of awal-muharram (does anyone know what it is?). but we realised, there's only so much you can fit into your stomach in one day. one day is just not enough. we need TWO!!

we satisfied our tastebuds with pong-teh, sambal kangkung, assam fish, otak-otak, devil curry, cincalok omelette and sago gula melaka for lunch. the day was punctuated with completely un-malaccan snack food. dinner came and we stuffed ourselves with satay celup. i had 8 sticks of cockles. i had to stop myself from eating anymore or face the wrath of the lao sai god.

it was awesome. next time on the menu - chicken rice balls & ikan bakar.

i've resigned. finally. after months of dragging it out. i'm now standing at a crossroad.

no, wait. i'm at a t-junction. i can't decide between continuing design or try my hand at writing instead. perhaps i shall just do both, if my job allows it. either way, i'm still looking at putting my foot in the door of the fashion industry.

not much time left to get my act together or i'll be unemployed come march. eek. can't afford that.