Monday, June 30, 2008

playing house

the new house is looking mighty nice. i must applaud my dad's sense of design. thank god he isn't one for gaudy floral wrought iron gates and lions at the front door.

he once said to me, "a lot of rich chinese have no taste." and it's so true.

i'm sure you've all noticed those ostentatiously huge houses painted in pink with garish looking balconies and greek style columns. not to mention the palace gates that barricade the entrance.

my room however, remains to be an eye sore currently. the damn furniture is built in and not white as i was originally told. well, not completely anyway. it's green and white. with my blue walls.

not the look i was going for. hence, i have decided i will drag someone to help me repaint my furniture white. mwahaha. candidette #1 - my colleague, reza (mr. handyman)

list of things i have yet to get:
- bookshelf
- bedside table
- lamp
- quilt
- frames
- wall decal

speaking of which. i need to find someone who can print wall decals for me.

many many projects to go. fun fun.

Friday, June 27, 2008

i'm contagious

in a non- flattering way.

my senior was having a look at my label designs when i started hacking away like a dying old lady. everytime i coughed, she inched backwards. one moment she was right behind me and the next, she was two feet away with her hand over her mouth!

"oi. don't spoil my weekend! i don't want to get sick!"
-_- "where's the love, man?" *cough cough*
"ok that's it!! you do the labels yourself. i'm going over there..." she points at her table fifteen feet away, "and we'll have a look at it on monday!" *scampers off*

urbanscapes is tomorrow. not sure if i will be going yet. goddammit this is seriously the wrong time to be broke. the sales are on, junkyard sales popping up everywhere, urbanscapes... *bangs head on wall*

meanwhile, thanks to facebook's bowling buddies, we are having a bowling championship tonight at one utama!!

yes, this is what our lives have come to. getting excited over a night of bowling. three years ago, we would have been prepping up to go out and get smashed skank the night away. but not anymore... age has taken hold and decided to climb on our backs for a long ride.

Friday, June 20, 2008

oh, rubbish.

my laptop was sent in to be diagnosed and the outcome was somewhat, heartbreaking.

it was not, as i had hoped, a fault of the hard disk but possibly the motherboard gone haywire. which means i would have to fork out about rm1000+ to get it repaired!!

i am well pissed off with myself & toshiba. absolutely pissed. i thought i'd spend a bit more on a laptop so it would last longer and not become obsolete as quick, but nooOOOooo. just under two years and it's decided to retire.

urgh. should've just bought a dell for half the price. so now what? i'm going to get a second opinion before deciding on whether to repair it or just tighten my belt and get myself a macbook instead.

that's not all the bad news. my grandmother has been admitted into hospital for pneumonia. according to my uncle, she's okay. so that's a relief.

am now twiddling my thumbs waiting for alvin to get back from work so we can go visit her. i may be driving now, but that doesn't mean i automatically have GPS installed in my head, yo. and we all know how FANTASTIC my sense of direction is.

*ahem* shaddup.

urbanscapes is happening next weekend. i'm hoping to get free tix if i can. sounds like it'll be quite the happenings.

Monday, June 16, 2008


my first t-shirt designs have been printed the samples were sent over today for us to have a look at. i'm quite pleased with the results, although... they do need to tweak a few things, naturally.

designing prints for fabric is quite different from print on paper. you have to keep in mind the stretch of the fabric, the curvature (does it make the wearer look too fat/thin/saggy), results after washing processes, etc.

they'll be available in WH by the end of the year for the holiday season. =)

oh... it's men's shirts, btw. sorry ladies.

Friday, June 13, 2008


who'd have thought u could be famous through the internet? it seems to be the trend now.

colbie caillat did it. so did marie digby. and here's an undiscovered talent (for now). eunice introduced me to kokokaina and i'm in love with her songs and her sultry vocals.

check out her videos here.

party in your jammy

as promised... some of the (many many many) pics. i ain't got no photoshop right now so all the pics are in its original form. aight.

if u want any of the pics removed for good reason, just let me know. there are some priceless moments caught in stills. *grin*


pimpdaddy brian

"let's see if your muscle is still so big when i pull your armpit hair!"

anrie is the hottest photographer

so man!

old folks unite - yue neng & brian

birthday boy & i

david and one of his many 'natural' poses

absolutly alcoholic

we had a mini series in still shots going on. i think it needs no explanation...

the end of mini series

bradders in pyjamas

david's natural pose #215

high-waisted is like, sooooo in right now.

stu, shean, mike, ons, dave, jo, big B & birdbird

me & stu

joanna & b

geisha girl

oh, out comes the tongue again.

poor johan was pinned down and tickled while they all forced him to whistle.

mike & david pretending they're tag heuer models?

the cake says, "happy birthday hunny bunny!"

brian & i


doncha wish you had this many chicks in your bed? joanne, cindy, audrey, me & anrie

yue neng gets a taste of a night in hugh hefner's life

the result of viagra

the result of a penis enlargement

the result of too much alcohol

Thursday, June 12, 2008

girlfriends vs football

we all know who is likely to win.

i've lost alvin to euro cup for the last week... and there's still two weeks to go. he's lying right next to me, completely knocked out thanks to all the late nights staying up to watch the games.

thank goodness it only comes once every 4 yrs. haha. but then, there's also EPL, champion's league and of course, world cup.

we can never win.

and gullible me, i believed him when he told me at the very beginning, "you will never have to fight EPL for my time." wat utter rubbish. =p

:: edit ::

saturday night, we had a surprise birthday party for yue neng. everyone rocked up in theme - pyjamas @ Ascott.

it was a hilarious night full of borderline gay & lesbian activities. brian cindy bought yue neng a matching set of pyjamas so both of them made it look like an old folks home.

david donned a sarong.
anrie looked ultra hot in her lacy top, boy shorts and a satin robe.
ons & johan looked like they were dressed for Phys Ed in singlets and track pants.
zee rocked up in a towel. (i really thought he just had a shower til i realised he was still in his towel 2 hrs later)
michael was surprisingly boring in a plain shirt and (holey) sleeping shorts.
joanne was rather perturbed that no one would take her seriously in her pink fluffy pyjamas.
audrey was super hot dressed in a man's shirt (and hot pants underneath).
cindy and i wore tank tops and PJ pants.

my laptop is still out being repaired, so no photoshopping for awhile. will post up pics soon when brian's compiled everything from everyone.

cherry ripe

another polyvore set. =)

i have recently started contributing posts to an online fashion blog. for updates on sales, fashion news, trends and local talents, visit tongue in chic.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

i've got a penis

i'm serious. i do. i told alvin about it on msn.

lisha: i have a penis
lisha: really baby
alvin: uh oh
lisha: but it's kinda small...
alvin: oh well
alvin: looks like u dont need a local object anymore
lisha: wat should i do with it?
alvin: tuck it in somewhere
lisha: is that what you do?
alvin: i was born with it
lisha: true true... well... mine is really hard. it's like wood. it's brown too...
alvin: thats wierd, cos u are a fair girl
alvin: hmm this is truly a mystery

lisha: indeed....
lisha: my colleague gave me a penis keychain from bali
i've got an imported woodie
alvin: so it is a foreign object

only he can layan my nonsense. because he's full of even more nonsense!!

speaking of nonsense... i had a truly nonsense dream a couple of nights ago.

i caught a man who had somehow violated a girl. i caught him with every intention of getting revenge on her behalf. i tied him to a chair and the girl sat next to him as i cut off his ears, hacking away slowly. i threw them aside and he yelled "i can't hear! i can't hear!"

gee. really?

i simply laughed at him and was thoroughly enjoying myself. i cut out plastic ears from cups and placed it over where his ears were, as makeshift ears.

sick, bizarre, psycho dream. probably my all my repressed anger bubbling up in my subconscious. don't play play yo. i'm the next Jigsaw (from the movie SAW).