Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pooem of the day : 01

From alvin to me:

It's been awhile since i wrote a pooem.
So here goes...
When i say uh oh.
It means i got to go.
To where, u don't wanna know.
I'm hardly putting on a show.
Umm and santa goes ho ho ho.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the little chase

i had the most bizarre dream a couple of nights ago. it was the kind of dream that seemed normal until you wake up. once i opened my eyes and ran through the dream again, i couldn't help but giggle.

me: "guess what i dreamt about?"
alvin: *probably thinking "here we go again"* "what?"
me: "i got chased by a midget!"

alvin paused. then he laughed.

i had just driven into the carpark of a shopping center and i was ambitiously trying to reverse park. i kinda scraped the car beside me, but, it was such a minor scrape i figured i'd just pretend nothing happened.

then as i walked into the mall, a couple of guys were loitering around. one of them was a midget and he decided to follow me around. i got annoyed so i turned into a corridor and see whether he would continue following.

he did.

i turned around and spat, "wat the fuck is your problem?" and continued walking towards the stationery section in an attempt to lose him amongst the stationary shelves. i spotted william and alvin and ran to them.

the rest isn't really worth mentioning.

so yes. i was chased by a midget.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

august babies

okay. i'm really backtracked in my posts, i know.

i've been meaning to write about:
- Bangkok
- MTV Asia Awards
- Panic at the Disco
- Pasta Zanmai

but nyeh. i'm no longer the avid blogger i once used to be. probably coz a whole bunch of my friends gave up on it. i lost my extrinsic motivation.

anyway... i digress, so, let me get back on track.

last saturday, we had a belated joint birthday dinner for way han and leonard at las carretas. su-yen msn-ed me two weeks beforehand and booked me. =p

su: "you better come!! or else...."
lisha: "ok ok, i'll be free on the 16th!"

su can be quite ganas if you piss her off. she's a mum of two boys, yo. so don't mess. she'll crack her whip and discipline you without hesitation. hope amer's into the S&M thing. haha

it felt like a high school reunion. the food was pretty yummy and surprisingly, reasonably priced. the cocktails were pretty cheap too. i think it was about rm14 for a margarita!

leo & way han fighting over who should don the sombrero first.

leo & su - i swear they both look like anime characters.

way han & leo - the august babies

fiona & hisham (more well known as mix fm's sham)

way han: "you blow it."
leo: "nah man. you blow it. your birthday was more recent."
everyone: "just blow the damn thing, both of you!"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Introducing the POOem

every relationship has their idiosyncrasies and quirks that make it special.

alvin and i share our relationship with the toilet bowl fairly intimately. when either one of us is gracing the throne with our bottoms, we sms each other POOems.

not poems, but POOems.

today's POOem from me to him:

A banana a day makes your stomach give way.
It makes you want to say,
“It’s shit time, dey!”
So have you had YOUR banana today?

romance with a twist.

i've got my bottom covered

my mother is back in town.

alvin and i went to pick her and paul up from KLIA and brought them out for supper. in the car she handed me two plastic bags of things i had requested for from australia - bonds underwear and jewellery supplies.

"are fifteen undies enough for you?"
"FIFTEEN?!?! why did you buy so many?"
"well... you sounded desperate!"

-_- that's my mother for you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

playing dress-ups

i don't know what i would've done without jen. thank god someone knows how to sew.

when joyce asked if i wanted to help Tongue In Chic dress up a couple of dolls, i immediately said yes and got girly-excited over how to dress them up.

then. i realised.

shit. i can't sew. -_-

i can do straight stitches. well... they're more like crooked stitches.

but with a lil improvisation here and there, we managed to dress up the dolls a little. my poor dolls look a lil underdressed next to the rest, though. *sniff*

to be fair, most of the other contributors were fashion designers/fashion design students. nevertheless, i was still proud of my glam ballerina and glam diva.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

40 days summarised

okay, it's time to end my hiatus.

it's been a fairly eventful month and a half.

- went to bangkok with cam & soon wei. was supposed to blog about it, but i kept putting it off until the hype died.
- MTV Asia Awards in Genting.
- weekend epicurean trip to penang

and i just spent the weekend sewing outfits for dolls with jen whilst watching SATC. could this be a preview to our future? two old women sitting around, listening to fictional characters discussing their sex lives and sewing outfits for dolls.

oh. plus my 14 cats.

yikes. scary thought.