Wednesday, September 27, 2006

calling all graphic designers!!

anyone knows anyone who knows anyone needing some work? InternationalCompany in KL is looking for graphic designers for both temporary and permanent positions.

if you're interested, drop me an email along with ur resumes at


as for me, what they say about advertising is true. there is no life beyond the office. the first day ended at 11.30pm and last night was an early one at 9.30pm. let's see what today brings.

*prepares to jump off building*

it's for experience. it's for experience. it's for experience. *chant*

Sunday, September 24, 2006

this is the turning point

some of you may be wondering where the hell i've been...

well, i'm still in KL... and will continue to be for at least the next three months. because why? because....


it's a temporary thing... and if all goes well, i might be offered a permanent position in BigInternationalCompany.

it's all very sudden. one moment, everything's up in the air... i'm still undecided between countries. and the next, i'm offered a job and asked to start immediately. so all my shit's still in melbourne until i can get back to settle everything.

meanwhile, camilo - my high school friend from ki - has been staying with me in KL, warming up my couch. so it's been a whole week of showing him around and letting him experience the local culture of mamaks, food, drinking, food, mamaks, food food food and more food.

he's been backpacking all around thailand for the last month and a half. now he's continuing around malaysia, then around the rest of asia from cambodia to laos to china to taiwan and then around europe. damn him. damn damn damn. wat a life.

so yes... basically, that is what i've been up to. job hunting and tour guiding.

time to TRY and sleep early. i'm terribly anxious about tomorrow. i don't even have clothes here!! they're all in melbourne!!

more reason to shop... wheeeee. except that shopping here sux. *sigh*

Friday, September 15, 2006


i finally did it!!

i dragged my ass for kickboxing. cam and dave went for trials, while phil and i went for class. i was afraid i'd forgotten everything... after a 7 month lapse.

i'm so sore now, i feel like i went snowboarding!!

i had the WEIRDEST FUCKING dream last night.

a woman, disguised as someone else, watched as a group of terrorists chopped up an arab man's body into pieces and wrapped them in a piece of canvas before throwing it into a wooden chest to burn.

the woman revealed herself and she stepped into the chest and sat on top of the body to burn with it. she wanted to make a statement of defiance. some other woman joined her and i thought, heck, i want to make a statement too and burn to death with these women.

so we sat there, talking, while waiting for the flames to lick our flesh. for some reason, i wouldn't seem to catch on fire... but the other two women did. it was a very slow process and i asked them what it felt like. they said it was just a matter of getting used to the heat... sort of like getting into a tub of scalding hot water.

i skulled down some wine while waiting for the fire to burn me. it was getting hot, but not burning hot. eventually, both women had already been burnt to death and i was still sitting there waiting. alvin came along and tried to talk me out of doing it.

but i said i wanted to make the statement and i couldn't run away like a coward.

"you want to make a statement? i'll take a picture of you now, and we can send it in to The Star. you might even win rm50."


tell me that's not one of the weirdest dreams.

tonight - carlsberg free flow event. i'm going to be the most sober person there. no more beer for me. uh uh. *shaking head violently*

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

enough is enough


this is where i draw the line.

i looked at myself in the mirror sideways today.... and i look five months pregnant. NO FUCKING JOKE!!

combination of water retention + gas + supper every night + no exercise

so tomorrow... i am DEFINITELY going for kickboxing. i don't know if i can quit having suppers... i think i'm addicted to food. ADDICTED. like crackheads to cocaine. ADDICTED.

i'm wearing a vest today... and it's harnessing my belly in. the vest is hanging on to dear life as the buttons threaten to pop any moment. i should've bought an S instead of an XS.
then again... maybe not, coz i'd just let my belly grow bigger.

okay okay... enough about my belly now. i can sense some people wanting to grab my head and ram it against the wall to shut me up.


all those guilty faces staring at the screen.

that... or you're secretly dancing in ur chairs in joy. bitches.

i'm at my godmother's place now. it's a madhouse. it always is a madhouse, but today, it's beyond mad. my godsister, eda, is leaving for UK tomorrow to study and the house is being packed up for renovations. i get a headache just thinking about it. it's huuuuuugeeee!!

i'm glad it ain't me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

walking against the ticking of time

things i find sexy in (or on) a man:

- a mole on the neck
- smooth tanned skin
- toned arms
- the smell of fresh laundry
- tommy (i know it's super old school... but it works)
- a naked chick on a fully clothed man (think jolie and hawk in taking lives)
- the smell of sleep... i can't describe it
- deep husky voice
- the v shaped pelvic line... that is soooooo HOT
- intelligence, intellect and street wise sense (because i have none of that)

Monday, September 11, 2006

no more beer

::edit:: pics are up on my multiply.

saturday night at oasis was like a samad reunion. literally.

justin was doomed from the start. there was no escape. you know you're screwed when you hire out a bar and expect it to be filled with your friends. it's a death sentence waiting to happen. it didn't help that he had already been wasted the night before.

judging by his expression, the first few whiskys didn't go down too well. but as the night wore on, alcohol kicked in... along with machoism.

"i'm still standing!! i'm still standing!!"

that is just plain asking for it.

the bottles of johnny black disappeared quickly... to be replaced with jim beam. the moment two bottles of jim beam appeared on the centre table, everyone vanished from sight. i even resorted to BEER. can you imagine? that's how bad i rate jim beam.

too many nights of excessive jim beam consumption in high school have put me off jim beam FOR LIFE.

i brought trouble upon myself while trying to get a snapshot of kok song skanking it up with joyce. the flash immediately brought joyce to me with a schooner of beer.

"i don't drink beer."
"i don't care!! drink half!"
"okay... okay!"

*guzzles down beer with surprising ease*

"i'm joyce, btw."

i swear. the only way i ever meet girls is through alcohol and skanking. with alcohol... comes the skanking. later on, hui san made me skull more beer before introducing herself. apparently, i only get to know their names AFTER being made to skull beer.

sometime around 4am, justin finally ran to the toilet for a good toilet hugging session. twice. and i've got the pics. *evil grin*


i was surprisingly still feeling relatively sober at the end of the night. considering my low alcohol tolerance. i paid for it on sunday though.

i had to brave family brunch with three hours sleep and alcohol still pumping in my system. NOT FUN. not fun at all. everything i ate came straight back out. i threw up three times and passed out in front of all my relatives. my uncle came up to me.

"yeh man la hai mm hai?"
"late night, wasn't it?"

-_- obviously la.

as miserable as i felt yesterday... i can only imagine the pain justin was going through. i texted him.

"haha. wat a great night. let me know when you're well enough to meet up."

he texted back.

"3 weeks time."


Saturday, September 09, 2006

birthday slut


one year less left of your sex prime time. they say men peak between the ages of 18 - 25? and then it all goes downhill.

women... on the other hand, reach their sexual peak during their 30s. so WE still have plenty to look forward to. *beam* no wonder you read about cases of older women sleeping with teenagers. makes sense when you think about it.

but it's still gross.

moving on... i'm loving kl. really loving it. even if it means i'm starting to look like a pufferfish thanks to all the food i've been stuffing myself with. i still haven't dragged my ass for kickboxing classes yet. heh.

it's been awhile since i've been to klcc... 2 years, maybe? so i dragged chucky with me. we had lunch at madam kwan's. i had nasi bojari, which was pretty good. the otak-otak wasn't anything to shout about.... it was flaky, slightly bland and definitely not spicy enough.

we then spent about an hour and a half in kinokuniya. it was HEAVEN!! i especially love the design section. i just wanted to buy EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING!! i managed to control myself and ended up spending rm250 on three books. ouch.

i could buy alot of food with that. or clothes. but no... the intellect needs to be fed once in awhile too. actually... two of the books were just filled with pretty pictures. ah well.

whilst browsing in kinokuniya, dearest loco called to inform me he was performing outside laundry at 8pm. finally!! i've been waiting almost FIVE YEARS to be able to watch him perform!! i'm liking his new single very much. it was so tempting to start skanking outside laundry, but i managed to restrain myself.

i'm looking forward to dinner tonight.


i'm salivating just thinking about curry crab, la la, buttered prawns, lobster noodles.... not saying that we will have all that but it's always nice to fantasise.

justin's celebrating his birthday at oasis tonight. *roll eyes* i swear he practically lives there. it's been about 9 years since i've been around for his birthday so i'm well looking forward to seeing him get wasted.


ok enough rant. i need to do some work.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

today is the day

it's graduation day today.


i don't know why i'm dreading it so much. it's like i'm in denial that i've finally stepped over the border and i have really graduated.

i dread the thought of having to go up to collect that damned piece of paper we call a transcript in front of all those people. knowing me, i'll trip on my robe and fall flat on my face, bum up with my hand outstretched... reaching for that piece of paper.

ninety minute ceremony... the only entertainment i will have is listening out to funny names.

tap some bongggg...

tu na singh...

ham ka ling...

and then...

song chor koon...


song chor koon!!


song chor koon!!!!!

oh... shit. that's me.

i hardly ever respond to my chinese name because it's quite redundant. only my grandfather used it, and even then... he hardly ever called any of his grandkids by name. ironic, isn't it... alysia is the name i go by and respond to, yet, it is not in my birth certificate thanks to my indecisive mother.

i would get it changed... if everyone didn't keep telling me what a huge hassle it is. figures. trying to get ANYTHING done in malaysia is a huge hassle.

Monday, September 04, 2006

i am alive... and fat!

oh yea baybeh.

some of you may be wondering.... "so how're you enjoying kl so far?"

well... let's just say, i'm not sure if i'll be able to return to melbourne. because if i sat on the plane, it probably wouldn't be able to take off. that's how much i've been eating. this trip has been ALL ABOUT FOOD.

i was in penang for four days last week. i was so looking forward to getting a tan. i went there all yellow... and came back STILL yellow. it was cloudy most of the time... but it's ok. coz food made up for it all.

we went slightly overboard one night... we went to have supper. three of us - edmund, chucky and i. between us, we ordered SEVEN meals. for SUPPER okay. we had 2 serves of chicken rice, char kuey teow, won ton mee, pai kuat hor fun, chee cheong fun and satay.

pure insanity i tell you.

just a couple of nights ago... i had a huge craving for ramly burger. i also had a huge craving for pan mee. unable to decide which to have for supper at 1am, i thought to myself, "fuck it la. i'll have BOTH!"

and i did.

i think i scare some people with my eating sometimes. when i come back here, i feel like an incredible hawker monster.

i've got some videos to post up. will do that soon... if i can be fuct.