Tuesday, October 23, 2007

blame my internet

just when i have enough time to put up some pics... the internet decides to chug like a government worker.


by the way. just got incubus' new album and i must say, i'm quite disappointed with it. they didn't churn out anything spectacular as they have in the past. a few nice songs. just nice. i guess it's hard when people expect you to be extraordinary all the time.

i can't wait for this friday. black eyed peas in genting. uncle lim's passing doesn't seem to have affected the business. if they closed genting for a day to mourn, his soul would probably be floating around yelling "OI!! no need to work ah?" typical chinaman style.

can u imagine the amount of long lost relatives that would turn up for the funeral, waiting around like vultures?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

angkor what??

that was pretty much me before i went over to siem reap. it's no secret that my geography is atrocious. i wasn't even sure where saigon was until our cambodian guide told me with a patronising look. i was even more embarassed when i asked whether phnom penh was bigger than siem reap.

"of course. it's the capital city of cambodia." o_O
"oh." -_-

since certain people are not supposed to know we went on this trip, i won't post up any pics of the other people. i haven't even had time to post up my langkawi pics yet.

it was a short 3D 2N trip. got back yesterday utterly exhausted. i don't even know where to start, so i guess you'll have to wait for the photos. coming soon.

like sooooonnnn.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

peeling: sign of a good holiday

i got back from langkawi on tuesday night and dragged myself to work on wednesday - thrust into a pile of backlogged work piling up in one corner.

major post-holiday blues.

will put pictures up soon, when i have time. will be going off to angkor wat this weekend. another expense paid trip. =D yay!! and then another month before alvin and i head to phuket... that's if they don't decide to close it off due to potential tsunamis.

i finally managed to get my tan. after a year of bitching about being too fair. now i really look like a lady joiner. yipee!