Sunday, April 30, 2006

it's been a year

happy anniversary sweetie!!

jet and i decided to take a boat trip to williamstown along the yarra river on saturday since the weather forecast for sunday was wet and cold... which was damn right. it wasn't exactly warm on saturday either and me being a stupid little city girl didn't think to bring a windproof jacket.

but that's what jet's for!! *grin*

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old ships fascinate me. they remind me of sea voyages and pirates. okay so this ship's not that old... it's close enough. shut up.

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we finally arrived!! the trip was about half an hour and i was freezing my ass off. i need a better heat retention system. and i'm not talking about fat. i don't need any, thanks.

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Breizoz French Creperie is fantastic. i'm not a huge fan of crepes but these were freaking divine. i would say it was the highlight of williamstown. my stomach agrees.

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sucking in deep thought? thought in deep sucking? deep sucking in thought?

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yesterday.. which was our actual anniversary.. we went to TGIF to pig out. while we were waiting for the tram... i looked under his half unzipped jacket and gasped in horror.

"why are you wearing that???" *pointing at his shirt*
"hehe... what?"
"you're wearing that shirt!!" his black t-shirt with a skull printed on it all cracked and peeling.
"you're wearing your pyjamas out on our anniversary?" said i, in disbelief.
"hehe yea. i knew it would bug you."
"omg... i can't believe it... you don't caaaarreeee" *mock whine*

that's jet for you.

Friday, April 28, 2006

i need a magic wand

i'm faced with the after effects of moving. on one hand, moving can be rather fun and exciting - you have all these ideas about how you want to set up your new place - until the packing and unpacking bit comes along.

i am now faced with the dreadful chore of unpacking all the shit i have managed to collect over the last 8 yrs in this kangaroo infested country we politically refer to as Australia. it's irksome, i tell you. i've only unpacked the absolute necessities and after living with nothing but these the last 3 weeks, i'm starting to wonder... what the hell is in all those boxes????

*insert audio clip* siiiiiggggghhhhhh

i need a magic wand to wave around and have everything magically unpacked. finding a place for everything is not easy... sharing a wardrobe with your other half is excruciating when both of you have more clothes than you really should. or at least, he does. women NEVER have too many clothes after all. hell, we never have enough. the wardrobe contests that statement, however.

note to bambi, ah ming, jing yew, luscious and bryza - it could be a few more weeks before you get a dinner invite. but it will happen.

starving abandoned lover

i have to introduce you to carla bruni. i leeched one song off Z's library and decided to get the whole album. she is fucking gorgeous and she has the voice to match it. bedroom eyes, husky voice... yeap, she does it for me. although i have no idea what she's singing since it's in french. she could be singing "hit me baby one more time" and i wouldn't care because she mesmerizes me.

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if you have a torrent client, click here. i'm merely sharing and hold no responsibility for anyone's actions of piracy. bwahahaha.

btw, the title has nothing to do with the contents of this post whatsoever. if any of you do decide to have a listen to carla bruni, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

remember remember the 5th of november

it's been almost a week since i watched v for vendetta with jet, "fucking fantastic and fucking beautiful" ally and boisterous bryan.


i was impressed after watching it... and it still continues to impress me. the script was an absolute delight, the plot was incredibly substantial and everything was so fantastically executed. this would have to be my absolute favourite scene... the lead up to it... *faint*

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but enough of my opinion. i don't want to butter it up too much (oops!! too late!!) lest you go watch it with expectations the height of mt everest and not have it live up to it. so go in with no expectations and enjoy it.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

enter stage

and i'm back in the game!!

i had a really bizarre dream last night. it was a romance story between me and... GODZILLA!! well, ok it wasn't REALLY godzilla. i have better tastes than that... even in my dreams. it was in fact, a vampire named godzilla. like Drake in blade trinity... muscles, macho, totally man... you know the type.

the night before, i had some stupid dream where jet and i had to do an assignment. i'd finished mine but jet was still writing stuff and he was collaborating with some other guy. i looked at what he wrote and he had like 10 pages while i had 3. so i tried getting him to help me, but he didn't give a shit and i started crying from frustration and ran to the toilet.

apparently he hugged me and i pushed him away before giving him a super evil eye. poor thing was like, "what did i do????"

one day i'm going to have problems differentiating between reality and dreams. i might even wake up looking at jet thinking, "i'm supposed to be with godzilla!"