Sunday, April 20, 2008

out of the box

is how i seem to live my life. i don't think i've ever had a period in my life since i was 14 where i have not had things in boxes. and before i get everything out of the boxes (which admittedly, can be quite awhile) it's time for me to move again.

my family's getting ready to move out into our new house in ara damansara soon... as soon as the renovations are over.

just as well, most of my things are STILL in boxes since i moved back to KL one and a half years ago! =p

whilst packing, i came across a recipe my stepmum's brother wrote for me. one of my absolute favourite chinese dishes - vinegared pork trotter or chu keok shin. he makes a killer vinegared pork trotter. i better archive it here before i lose the piece of paper. it's just too precious.

Vinegared pork trotter (one big pot enough to feed half an army)

1 bottle of vinegar
500 ml of water
2-3 pcs of gula melaka
750g of local ginger
2kg pork trotter
a few dashes of soy sauce
dried chillies optional
scotch whisky optional

Blanch the trotters in boiling water for a couple of minutes to get rid of all the yucky scum. Then bruise the ginger with a good smacking and fry it in sesame oil to get the flavours going.

Throw the trotters in and add in a dash (or a few) of scotch and flame the muthas. Not recommended if you have never tried this before. I won't be held responsible for any fires caused by this recipe. Fry the trotters til they're slightly browned.

Pour in the vinegar and water then bring it to a boil for 5-10 minutes. Throw in the gula melaka, chillies, soy sauce and voila! Let it simmer away for a few hours til the meat is ready to fall off the bones and melt in your mouth.


i've just discovered a whole directory of online shopping in malaysia.

uh oh.

guess wat i'll be doing a lot now. the amount of time i used to spend on ebay... is the amount of time i'm going to be browsing through these online stores.

feel like getting a shopping without lifting ur arse off the seat? then go to emmagem and have a look for yourself!! you kind of have to sift through the junk before u find some gems. i found a few of promising sites (i only got up to E):

button my buttons
cat in a bowl
etoffe clothes

i'll be in singapore from tuesday to friday setting up a new store. it's going to be a super hectic and exhausting week. but it should also be fairly fun and interesting.

alrighty, i'm off to do some online shopping!! =D

Saturday, April 12, 2008

dead romance & design wonders

why do i feel like we're drifting apart although everything is still the same?

perhaps it is because he no longer has 'that look' as often as he used to. or is it because of the lack of cuddles that used to make me feel so appreciated? it could also be the signs of him wanting to be single every now and then. and certainly no more whispers of sweet nothings.

i know, it's almost inevitable for all this to happen as a relationship progresses towards the stale end of the scale, but i don't like it and i refuse to accept it. just like how i refuse to accept that my metabolism is starting to slow down and i need to start exercising.

lesson number one on marriage:
his mum once said to me (in her cute nyonya accent), "marriage is not about love love thing. it is about keeping each other company until you're old. even though we fight everyday about small small things, i know he is a good person."

but the thing is, i WANT that "love love thing". i want it to be the forever, ever ever (ala outkast) thing. who doesn't?

it is because of this, i don't think i'm very good with keeping long relationships. i refuse to grow stale. i want passion throughout, not obligations. perhaps, i really am going to be an old spinster with 14 cats as someone once told me.

oh joy.

i love looking at interiors. here's some i drool over.



love the colour scheme of this bedroom. contemporary shabby chic with a vintage feel.

here's a reason to never get out of bed. a HD plasma tv embedded into your bed. now all you need is a bell to call for food!

another reason to sleep all day. in your very own rocking bed!! i'm so deep in love with this bed.

simple yet curvy in the right places.