Friday, June 29, 2007


i was utterly, totally, completely awed. it really blew my mind. i have not been so wowed by a movie since V for Vendetta. partly because i wasn't really expecting much. i don't remember much of the cartoons except optimus prime and the decepticons - thanks to jin min.

it was just soooo... sooooo.... soooooooooooo COOOOOL!! right after the movie, i turned to alvin.

"i want to watch it again!"
"no. really. i want to watch it again in the cinema!"
"oh. ok. we'll watch it again."

this is coming from the girl who sang the transformers song really loudly, and rather shamelessly, in the office one day not so long ago.

"TRANSFORMERS!! Robots in the skkkkiiieeeesssss!!"

my colleague looked at me in disdain and snapped at me.

"it's not robots in the skies!! it's robots in disguise!" he rolled his eyes with the most offended expression plastered on his face.

"oh. hee hee. TRANSFORMERS!! More than meets the eeeeyyyyeeee!! TRANSFORMERS!! Robots in the ski... Robots in DISGUIIIISSSEEEE!!"

my boss just laughed at me.

i can't wait to watch it again!! *bouncing in chair*

Monday, June 25, 2007

chubbs and chucks

i call him chucky. he calls me chubby.

he looks like a real-life chucky minus the blood and psychotic expression. everytime i mention it to someone they go "oh yeaaa. actually, he does a bit!"

and i... well, i'm chubby. i've stopped denying it. i've stopped looking at myself in the mirror and sucking in my belly thinking to myself "i can still suck it in so it's okay." i used to wake up with a flat stomach. i don't wake up with a flat stomach anymore. i just wake up with a big stomach. i can't use the "i just ate so it doesn't count" excuse anymore, because even hours after eating... it's still that big.

i am not complaining that i am fat. i'm just a fat skinny person. which is probably worse.

so this weekend i decided to start doing something about it. i did some abdominal exercises and realised how terribly unfit i am. yesterday cam and i got psyched up to play some tennis. something we've been meaning to do for several months now.

after about 15 minutes under the sun, we were panting like crazy. half an hour later, we were about to collapse. one day later... my body has delivered swift retribution for not keeping it fit. my butt hasn't been this sore in a long, long time.

oh dearie me.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


*ahem* i couldn't think of a better title. it's been awhile since i've written so i'm a little rusty.

i know. it doesn't justify the "booyah" but what the heck.

oh god. where do i start? i feel as though i've just met up with an old friend whom i haven't seen in ages (which really happens alot because i'm shit at keeping in touch)... and so much has gone by but i don't know where to start.

firstly... i'll start with paying tribute to my dear beloved fat cat. on 14th june 2007, stupid fat cat @ champs died of cancer. =( i was quite upset about that but not as upset as my mum is.

being thousands of miles away creates a numbing effect. it won't hit me til i go back and realise he's not around to ignore me anymore, or act cute when he wants food. and i will certainly miss trying to think of ways to get him into bed with me ( i assure you it only happens with him).

* car alarm goes off causing a flurry of panic resulting in scattered brain*

right. back to champs before moving on to other things. his cancer was found the day before he died and i can only be thankful that he went quickly. he is now buried in his favourite spot where he used to lie under the sun in the garden.

you will be missed.

*moment of silence*

okay... next other thing. i have a new baby. my new pride and joy whom i have yet to tame. she gleams marvelously like sparkling red wine under the joyful sun.

i call her saskia.

i have only taken hold of her reins three times so far. twice around housing areas... and tonight on the highway... that was by far, one of the most stressful moments i've had in awhile. tension sial.

see. getting a car forces you to learn to drive. the exact motivation i need. or else i will never get around to it.

don't say you haven't been warned. if you see a red satria neo roaming around slower than a grandma walking and more crazy than a jamaican on weed... it's probably me, so you might want to steer clear.

more news to come so stay tuned.

if anyone still comes here.