Wednesday, August 29, 2007

nineteen fifty seven

yes yes. the third instalment of the bangkok trip is coming.

it's been a super crazy week with non-stop jobs at work. i can't bloody wait til friday!! not because i'm really that patriotic (sadly) but simply because i'm tired and i want a proper weekend!

merdeka. i remember when i would get excited about merdeka. my grandparents would take me to merdeka square to join the masses and watch the fireworks, performances and be part of the parade. my grandfather would carry me around on his shoulders, so i could always see what was going on, even if he got tired.

i have a wave of nostalgia washing over me now as i recall those days. when my mum had left the country and my dad couldn't afford to take care of me. my grandparents were my guardians. my protectors. my surrogate parents.

and so, this merdeka, i will celebrate. not the country's independence, but my grandmother's birthday. and commemorate my grandfather who passed away three years ago.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

the hens played in bangkok PART TWO

day 2
we spent the day doing a little shopping, searching for something cam could dress up in for her hen's night. and since shopping is SUCH a stressful and tiring affair, we hopped on the train to a spa called urban retreat. two thumbs up! nice spa, great service and still cheap. we liked it so much we decided to go back again on our third day for a foot and thai massage.

that night, cam took ally and i out for dinner at zanotti. it is fucking excellent. thinking about it makes my mouth water every time. if you're going to bangkok, you have to try zanotti. i ate like a pig. okay... i always eat like a pig. but i only eat like a pig if i really like the food.

baked mussels


i had pork loins with blue cheese sauce

we may look demure but we eat like cows. or at least, i do.

ally found a place for us to go and have a little fun with salsa lessons. we got in a cab and got completely lost. after about half an hour of trying to speak thaiglish, we finally managed to find the place.

when we got to the entrance, there was a sign posted on the window that utterly perplexed us. it said:


the three of us looked at each other in confusion.

"err... this IS the right place, isn't it?"
"yea! this is it. i don't understand!"
"how strange. a dancing club that doesn't allow dancing."

the guy inside must have noticed us standing outside looking a bit lost so he opened the door.

"umm. we heard you have salsa lessons here."
"ah yes. but tonight, no dancing."

"huh? what do you mean?"
"tonight we have no dancing."

we eventually realised he meant the dance classes had been cancelled for that night. -_-

with that plan chucked out the window, ally suggested we go to Vertigo bar at banyan tree instead.

ally and i posing with the lights of bangkok

my incestuous other half - cam

all pretty in shades of pink


it's been a really long, tiring week for me. late nights, early mornings. and i'm told it will be this busy until next year. eek.

well... looks like i have two, possibly three trips to look forward to. YAY!!

angkor wat, krabi-phuket and one to be confirmed when my mum comes down to KL.

*crossing fingers*

Thursday, August 23, 2007

the hens played in bangkok

this is long overdue. luscious ally has finally posted up photos of our hen's trip to bangkok on her multiply. here's a quick preview...

day 1
phil and i arrived at the hotel and met up with bryan and ally for dinner. they got there a day earlier so they played scouts and found this cool place down the road from our hotel.

gorgeous restaurant with two levels. the lower level serves fusion italian while upstairs, you get to hit the taste buds with thai food. they serve great mojitas too!

chubby me with ally, phil and bryan before cam&dave arrived on the flight after mine.

as alcoholics will be alcoholics, they decided mojitos weren't enough. we adjourned to Q bar which also happened to be down the road from our hotel, as well as Bed Supper Club.

i made a HUGE mistake. i went back to the hotel to change into a top, shorts and heels. BAD MOVE. i ended up looking like a thai lady joiner (hence the lady joiner banner). everyone else seemed to find it amusing. i got stared up and down by almost every other thai guy we walked past.

so can you imagine what it felt like, walking into a bar filled with white men? white men who are looking to pick up thai chicks?

i clung on to phil like a bad smell.

"don't let me out of your sight!"

sexophil not only makes a good bodyguard. he makes a pretty good bartender too!

the DFSes reunited in bangkok!

after Q bar closed, we moved on to another place. i think it was called poppy... but i'm probably wrong. it was super dodgy. like going to a school dance where everyone wants to pick up or get picked up.

phil looking annoyed with this invasion of his drinking time.

lady joiners

it might not look like it, but phil literally had to pick me up and force me to get up on the podium with ally and cam.

male joiner!

this guy is the most awesome skank ever. EVER. he has to be gay. no straight man dances like that. it was like watching porn. since it was cam's hen's trip, we dared her to go up to him and give him some thai baht for a personal dance. so she did.

so that's day one. i'm too sleepy to continue. i've been scrabbling on facebook for almost FOUR HOURS!! oh god. facebook is evil.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

birthday kiss for luscious lips

big birthday kiss to one of my favourite women (of which i have very few of). hope you had a blast! and i have no doubt you are regretting every single drop of alcohol you have had. that's usually a sign of a good night, or several, in your case.

i dug up some pics but only found a few good ones. i still haven't taken all my photos from my old hard drive. here's to the good old times! i miss you, my lovely skank.

we bonded at sasha

the beginning of our skanking times @ next blue

sultry seductress luscious lips

your last birthday @ boulevard...

my two lovelies - ally & cam

we skanked at publicity

you looked absolutely gorgeous on your special day

i'm so glad i have you as a friend.

who else:
- lets me grab her boobies?
- makes me laugh like you do with all your angry bangriness?
- kisses like you do? =p
- parties like there's no tomorrow even now in married life?
- is a good listener and gives good, honest advice (though the truth can sometimes hurt)?

i think i speak for many when i say you're one of a kind, and you'll always be my ally.

ok. this is starting to sound a bit lesbian-ish. haha. much love!

bizarro weekend

yesterday, jen and i went to the office to get some work done... only to find out that they were shutting off the electricity for maintenance work. so after scoffing down bak kut teh which my boss had packed for me, i decided i needed a nap.

so, home i went to nap like a retired old man.

then i had to go for TJ's housewarming at his spanking new apartment, which i must say, was quite tastefully decorated. not by him, of course. that's what women are for. jen and i got a call from our colleague, chen, saying he didn't know where the place was. we, being typical girls with directions, told him it'd be better for him to ask TJ.

one hour later, chen still hadn't called or arrived. he didn't pick up his phone.

"where the hell is that boy?"
"i think he's sesat."

two hours later, he calls TJ.

"i can see your apartment on the left."
"huh? but my apartment is on the right!"

chen hung up.

"that boy is damn sesat. i don't know where the hell he is," tj announced.

half an hour later, chen finally rocks up.

"where the hell have you been? sesat ar?"
"umm... a bit."
"it took u two and a half hours to get here!"
"three, actually."
"why didn't u just ask for directions?"
"never mind la. i thought since i haven't driven around KL in awhile, i would drive around and see."


for three hours?? i work with some strange people.

after that, alvin and i went to marketplace to celebrate edmund's birthday. everyone was supposed to be there by 9.30pm to surprise him. eunice smsed us at 10:30pm.

"where are you wei?"
"we'll be there around 11.3opm."
"there's no one here!"

oh shit. poor eunice and the birthday boy had to wait for everybody to get there. wat a surprise it turned out to be.

*sigh* back to the office today. hope it gets bombed or something.

Friday, August 17, 2007

or si pei si (big shit, nose shit)

are u kidding me?

three campaigns in less than a week? no. you are not kidding. work never kids. clients never kid.


and on top of that, we need to submit an initiative by next week in preparation for the kancil awards.

one word. SCREWED. this is going to be me soon...

"wat's that next to the printer?"
"that looks like.... feet. those shoes look familiar!"
"hey... isn't that alysia's ugly feet?"
"yea, you're right. what's she doing??"
"the poor thing. she was drowning in work last week."
"u think she did it?"
"probably. maybe she tried to chew and swallow all the trashy visuals."
"that's sad. killed by your own art."
"oh well. we better get going. we're late for our client's meeting!"

sorry cam. looks like no tennis this weekend. and yet another week, my box of stuff gets to live at your place. haha.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

conspire to inspire

i've been obssessing over interior books, magazines and websites over the last few days. my favourite eye candy especially are ohjoy and poppytalk.

a few ideas have been forming in my head and it's all so wonderful and different, i don't know what direction to go with for my room!

i love these wallpapers i found at interiors. love love love.

not to mention, i've had this HUGE obssession with birdcages for ages and ages. specially white birdcages. i know it's so overdone now, but it hasn't killed my love for it. i still want one. or two. or a whole house full. and look what ohjoy posted up not long ago!

gorgeous... GORGEOUS birdcages from horchow that i simply adore. i want them all!

and a couple more things which i found through poppytalk.

i love the simple, clean look of this room. just subtle touches of a little something different here and there. it reminds me of a sun room where i can just laze around in warmth and coziness with some books and some nice jazz in the background. i know... it sounds so pretentious.

okay, time to go home and look for some photos for REAL work. the internet at work is chugging violently. dial-up would be faster than this. i bet someone's downloading porn. dirty bastards.

Monday, August 13, 2007

a new chapter

my dad is a mystery to me.

last sunday, i talked to my dad and he mentioned that he was looking at some houses. after three weeks of not being home, i finally went back to stay over the weekend. and what do i know. i found out we've sold our house and bought a new one.

how the hell did that happen?

"we make decisions fast," my stepmother said.

no kidding.

"i took your sister to see the house on saturday. i liked it, so i brought your father to have a look at it on sunday. on monday, we wrote the cheque."
"wah. it's like you're buying shoes."

at first, i was a little upset because i've barely had time to really settle into this house and i really like the way it's been done up. nothing ostentatious. simple, homely yet tasteful. two thumbs up to my dad for someone who's never done any design.

but after going over to see the new house, i'm filled with excitement and my head's bubbling with all sorts of ideas for the new place. wood. glass. plants. louvres. white. green. stone slabs.

i can't wait to get started! my dad and i spent the whole day yesterday poring over ideas, surfing websites and flipping through magazines. fun fun fun!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

awaken the morning grouch

why bother asking someone if everything is alright when you'd rather not talk about it? you ask me what's the problem. i tell you. all you do is keep quiet and i wonder if you're even thinking about what i've said. or do your thoughts simply wander off into the mundane so you can avoid the issue?

even worse. sometimes you just shrug it off and make a joke out of it, hoping it will divert my thoughts so we won't have to face the issue. how mature.

as long as YOU are happy, everything is fine. that's selfish love. you love, to be loved back. you love, to feel good. you love, temporarily. sometimes i think, it's better to have no love than selfish love.

prove me wrong.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


my boss made me cry today.

he didn't fire me. he didn't yell at me. he didn't throw my work out the window. no. he traumatised me.

i was sitting on the window ledge by cinatan's desk chatting away with jen and cinatan when sabine casually comments, "there's a cockroach in the pot plant."

we all looked into the pot plant but saw nothing. i started to get abit edgy and eyed the plant warily. my boss, KK, strolls in and lies down on the window ledge feeling restless as usual. he starts playing with the pot plant.

"don't do that! there's a cockroach in there!" i yelled.
"oh really?" kk proceeds to tilt the pot plant and starts to flick pebbles out of the pot with a plastic rod.
"K! if that cockroach comes here, i'm going to scream!"
"oh look! the cockroach!" he quickly flicks it at my face.

i screamed.

and i broke into nervous laughter and started tearing at the same time. he didn't flick the cockroach at me but a pebble.

"oh shit. i'm sorry!"

i was half sobbing from the trauma and half-laughing because i knew how stupid i looked. tears were streaming down my face and i couldn't breathe.

"eh... is she crying or laughing? eh, you ok a? is she laughing or is she crying?"

it's not the first time i've screamed in the office. i'm somewhat famous for it now.

i'm the girl who screams.

Monday, August 06, 2007

a new member

introducing lisha simpson...

man am i ugly.

as much as a non-fan i am, the website is quite fun. you can create your own avatar and save your characters.

this is what i have turned into. some kind of lame geek who seeks fun in recreating herself as ugly cartoon characters.

wouldn't mind having lashes that long though. i could take off and fly around the world just by batting them.

and we have LIFT OFF people!!

ok. i officially belong in the nuthouse now.

i made it alive

i am still alive after that 10km walk albeit rather sore.

- my hips groan with every movement, complaining about how much i strained them. lazy buggers.
- my butt squeals in pain every time i try to sit, stand or climb stairs.
- my knees reprimand me with every step i take.

so. the question is... will i ever do it again? the answer is...

like the coupling's theme song says, "perhaps... perhaps... perhaps."

and if i do, next time i'll make sure i'm more prepared for it.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

i got conned

super conned.

into doing a 10km marathon. ME! doing a marathon! i can just imagine all the reactions.

*fall off chair*
*stunned silence*
"yea right. she's more likely to eat cockroaches than do a marathon."

but you know what. i AM going to do it. i am going to drag my ass out of bed at 5.45am, scoff down some breakfast and WALK the whole 10km.

yes. walk.

you didn't think i was actually going to try running, did you? how gullible.

gullible, says the one who got conned into this in the first place. i can't believe people pay money to wake up at an ungodly hour, put themselves through kilometres of pain and exhaustion just to run with thousands of other smelly, sweaty people.

i can't pretend to understand. but maybe i will after tomorrow.

the lady joiner is here

i have decided to embrace my heritage whole-heartedly. okay... it's only quarter of my heritage but everyone knows i'm a pretty lousy chinese anyway. i'm still working on that part.

you want lady joiner? lady joiner can bring a friend too. you take two, we give you special price. you want two dollar sucky sucky? then go to the supermarket and buy a packet of straws. i charge premium price.

you want massage? i give you very good price. happy ending - charge extra.

time for lady joiner to get a shower. a smelly lady joiner gets no business.

Friday, August 03, 2007

it's a sign

just a few things i found amusing in common places.

at pasar seni. i pushed jen next to the sign so i could take a photo. for you blind nutters, it says:

"PARIO. One for RM20.00. Buy 2 Free 1 COCONUT."

wtf? why would i want a free coconut. i just want a skirt!

this was taken in WH. i'm all for gay love, but this is a tad awkward.

this was stuck on the wall of the toilet cubicle in MBK, Bangkok. i wonder what people have done with those hose sprays to warrant such a sign.

a word of advice. don't touch hose sprays in public toilets. you never know what people do with them.

starve for a cause

World Vision is holding their annual 30 hour famine this september. come and fast for a good cause together with fellow fundraisers.

if you are interested and would like to get a donation card, email me at

i will be there. will you?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

luncheon escapades

just got back from a three hour lunch.

cinatan suggested going to peter hoe, near petaling street, for quick eye candy therapy. so there we were nicely browsing through all the pretty things. unfortunately, there was no space at the cafe so we headed back to pasar seni to see what we could grab for lunch.

we ended up in this nonya restaurant called precious. it's very nicely done up with traditional nyonya chinese furnishings, stained glass partitions and chandeliers.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the menu at precious

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the photo doesn't do it justice. i'm a poor photographer.

the service was extremely slow. while waiting for our food, we decided to amuse ourselves by taking shameless photos.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
tina aka cinatan

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
tina and i trying to act cute

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
jen and tina being coy

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
jen is my cubicle buddy and i look like a vampire

it was 2.00pm by the time we were served lunch. we were already late so we scoffed down our food. tina with her pulut hitam. jen with her fried glass noodles and bubur cha cha. me with my chicken pong teh.

we got into cinatan's car and headed back to the office. suddenly we heard *keduk keduk* *kepom keduk*

tina looked at her side mirror.

"oh. fu lat (pants drop)."
"i think i've got a flat tyre."

i gasped. "u think the tyres were slashed on purpose?" i quickly looked around to check if anyone was following us. miss paranoid of the day.

being in the middle of KL, it's not easy to find a convenient spot to pull over. how ironic we should pull over right opposite our *ahem* favourite client's building.

"okay. let's pull up here."
"oh no! look where we are!!"
"oh fu lat."
"where's the bomb?"

jen called our boss to come to the rescue.

"kk said he's going to bring some big strong boys along."
"i wonder who he's going to bring."
"K-man to the rescue!! ta-ta-ta!"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
kk, tina & jen acting like tourists

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
our big strong men - sunny and chang

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
our very own AAM!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
all done in too little time. darn. time to go back to the office.

wat a drama day.