Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dead. dead. dead.

my laptop is playing dead with me.

when i switch it on, it whirs... and then all is silent. a blank screen stares back at me rebelliously and i get a feeling it's gone on strike.

but why?? i treated it well. i scanned it almost everyday for viruses. i never abused it.

so why the fuck has it decided to PMS on me like a bitchwhore?

i'm terrified at the thought of having all my stuff wiped out. my photos!! my music!! my folio work!!

*breathing in deeply*

so much for a $6,500 toshiba laptop. i should've just bought a dell.

manly me

i'm going to have to get used to thinking like a man.

designing t-shirts for guys isn't quite as easy as i imagined. i was told to stop thinking so femininely (is that a word?).

i disagree. i think guys are much more metrosexual now and guys wear all sorts of graphic styled t-shirts. *stubborn frown*

still... it's fun.

can't wait for the weekend. i'm reeeeeaaaally need to get myself some new clothes. so i've decided i'm going to drag someone with me this weekend to showpink.

okay. time to shovel food down!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

fashion, death and cars

wat a week.

the fashion show is over, thank god. no dramas, no heads chopped off.

i was supposed to go and help set up the store at great eastern mall. then the head of design intercepted and got me into designing t-shirts instead.

i'm pretty excited about it. THIS is what i joined the company for. to get my foot in the door of the industry.

alvin's aunt passed away on tuesday morning. the funeral was on thursday.

she left behind three children and her ever-so-cheerful husband. the youngest daughter is still in high school.

hundreds of people gathered to remember her. it was a beautiful funeral.

she was too young. too young to die.

she'll never see her daughter graduate high school. she'll never see her second son finish uni. she'll never hear her eldest son's record. and she'll never be able to be there for her husband.

but in their hearts, she will always be around.

last night, alvin's A1 rookie racing cousin, aaron, got us passes to the BMW party at KLCC. i tried uploading videos to youtube but the file size is too huge. gotta figure out how to compress them first.

the set up was very nice. it was free flow all night. full bar. cocktails, champagne, wine, liquor, beer and nothing but perrier sparkling water.

we walked in and immediately felt very underdressed. i was sort of expecting a more casual car-loving crowd. instead, it seemed to be filled with filthy rich, glam people sizing each other up wealth-wise.

william was so cute. he was trying very hard to maintain his cool.

"you know, i feel like we're illegal immigrants," he commented.

then the show started, and all the rich aunties and uncles started to let loose. before we knew it, the place was filled with what i'm pretty sure were gatecrashers (just like us!).

foong, alvin & bass pretending to be cultured

gleaming beauty

racer aaron

i should never stand next to foong without heels -_-

the F1 car (personally i can't tell the difference between A1 and F1 cars, except the latter makes a heck of a lot more noise)

BMW showing off their errmm... nice car...

brazillian beats to heat up the night

the boys upgraded from cocktails to champagne.

the best part of the night was DJ Sky Neller. she was the bomb! she's super hoooootttt. she stood up on the deck layan-ing the music and dancing like there's no tomorrow while spinning awesome mixes at the same time.

that's what you call a multi-tasker.

foong requested for this to be his new facebook profile pic. -_-

mili & me

the stage

belvedere-filled bar

one races. the other works in a bank. both share a love of alcohol.

silly behaviour runs in the family...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

fashion can kill

it's been a bloody stressful and exhausting week.

sunday night i had a chat with my godmother. monday morning i was an employee. so much for my bumming.

i am now a stylist/visual merchandiser/graphic designer. i'm not sure wat my official position will be. that should be interesting.

on monday, we went to one utama to set up the store at 9pm and finished at 1am. whilst pulling apart the mannequins and stripping off their clothes, it suddenly occurred to me, "i have one of the most shallow jobs in the world."

visual merchandisers stress over how to dress up dolls as though they are making life-changing decisions.

the last five days have been the most stressful days - trying to sort out invitations and guest lists for our fashion show. it is part of the STYLO Fashion Festival and is strictly by invitation only. it'll be filled with all the who's who of KL and Tatler-worthy names.

on the upside, models have been walking in and out of the office. mmm... yummy.

alvin managed to get last minute free tickets for sunburst. yay!

incubus, here i come!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

D-A-wat? P-K-wat? P-A-wat?

i have a confession to make.

to those who know me, it may come across as a shock and some of you may even shake your heads in disbelief. so, here goes...


okay. you can close your mouths now. you can blink too.

everybody knows how utterly clueless i am when it comes to politics. and i have noticed that i am not the only one. many people in my generation haven't got a clue about what's going on behind the curtains in the world of politics.

and because of this, a majority of us don't bother voting because we haven't got a clue who we should be handing our futures to. it's like choosing between giving ourselves over to slavery or prostitution. which, in fact, isn't really all so different from giving ourselves over to politicians, innit?

i admit, i wouldn't have taken the initiative to register myself and certainly would have adopted the common thought of "why bother? nothing's going to change anyway," if it hadn't been for an accidental discovery.

i didn't register myself. but i was registered.

the word "phantom voter" echoes through the air.

so instead of letting them use me, i decided to use the opportunity and turn the knife around.

over the last couple of weeks, i realised how bleak the future looked for our generation. less than one third of the people i know actually said they were voting.

imagine. less than one third. i've been told that the statistics are something along the lines of:

population : 27 million
registered voters : 11 million
submitted votes : 8 million

don't quote me on that. but it's an indication of how much we could change the system if everyone DID put their one measly vote in.

so that's what i did. and i'm proud of it.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

superior interior

being a bum is not as fun as i thought it would be. i'm constantly thinking about what i should do next to keep boredom at bay.

so i've been researching interiors for my imaginary room. here are some wallpapers i lovelovelove.

courtesy of interiors europe

god, how i can't wait to have my own place!