Saturday, July 28, 2007

it makes me sick

edit: i have taken off the video due to concerns of me being subject to the ISA. because we live in a free country that is only free for the rich, powerful and corrupted.

Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) is a preventive detention law in force in Malaysia."

"The ISA has been consistently used against people who criticise the government and defend human rights. Known as the "
white terror", it has been the most feared and despised, yet convenient tool for the state to suppress opposition and open debate. The Act is an instrument maintained by the ruling government to control public life and civil society." - Wikipedia

do not watch this if you have a weak stomach. it's almost like watching passions of the christ to a lesser extent.

i am traumatised. i can only imagine how this guy managed to walk after all that. *shudder* you would hope he'll learn his lesson. i don't think they mentioned his crimes.

i find this kind of corporal punishment so medieval. in this day and age, you would think we would find other ways to teach law breakers a lesson. but as we all know, "malaysia boleh!" anything goes in this country.

banning the pussycat dolls for improper dressing and stage behaviour is just so silly compared to inflicting pain upon another human being. don't you think our country's views on morality is just a little skewed?

yeah. i find more and more reasons to leave this country.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


anyone care to hazard a guess as to what song that is?

i guarantee you'll know it. unless you passed your mid-life crisis twenty years ago. in which case, you wouldn't be reading this anyway.

alvin and i went to the premiere of the simpsons last night. my rating? one star.

to be fair, i've never been a simpsons fan, simply because i find it can be mildly offensive to the intellect. not that i claim to be a highly intellectual person, but lame american humour just rubs me the wrong way. it irritates me more than anything else.

so then, why one star? i give one star as credit to the maker's wild imagination and ability to create a (weak) story out of a whole series of random nonsense.

the group of people behind me were obviously simpson fans. they laughed at everything as though they had never seen anything funnier in their lives. it wasn't the "hur hur" chuckle. it was more like...

*pause for breath* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

alvin and i looked at each other in amusement, eyebrows raised. i guess there are people who appreciate lame humour, after all.

Friday, July 20, 2007

u scratch mine, i'll scratch yours

after waking up at 3.30pm yesterday from a restless sleep dreaming about aligning text for booklets, i smsed alvin.

"baby. come home."

i was expecting a loving sms back. instead i got this.

"i have bad news. very bad news."

oh shit, it's my car, isn't it? i thought.

"your car got scratched. i'm sorry."
"how bad is it?"
"come down and have a look. i'm downstairs."

while changing out of my pyjamas i was preparing myself for the worst. fortunately, i was way too tired from my 24 hr work stint to react dramatically. so i calmly walked down looking rather disheveled. alvin stood outside looking really pissed off.

luckily the scratch turned out to be a superficial scratch at the right corner of my bumper. i probably wouldn't even have noticed it for a couple of weeks.

"wat happened?"
"some fucker must've scratched it. it was already scratched when i went to collect the car from the parking lot. i screwed the parking guy up."

nyeh. karma dictates what goes around comes around. you scratch mine? someone else scratches yours, bitch.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

killing three days in one

finished work at 8.30am this morning. it's amazing how many mental phases u can go through in 23 hours of work.

9am: i'm not an early riser. early mornings are the bane of my existence. sleepiness clings on to me like a leech and refuses to let go.

12pm: the stomach senses lunchtime approaching and starts to rumble in anticipation. i'm wide awake now. it's glutton time!

2pm: post-lunch trauma. sleepiness holds me with a tight grip and threatens to put me in a coma.

5pm: just a couple of packaging mock-ups to do and i'm done for the day. early day, perhaps?

6.30pm: boss tells me servicing needs my help with a booklet. fuck. so much for leaving early.

7pm: briefing time. they only want to change the layout for half the bloody booklet. angry bangry. i've still got to figure out one more packaging keyline and do the mock-up. it's going to be a late one. the grumpy bum appears.

8pm: i manage to con my boss into doing the keyline for me while J and i work on the booklet. perhaps we might be able to leave by midnight.

10:30pm: J and i are still on our first page. frustration and impatience reigns in our cubicle. who the fuck puts every single sentence into a separate text box? it's a design of complete mess! copy-paste-align. copy-paste-align. copy-paste-align.

11:30pm: finally. ONE page done. five more to go. oh boy. so much for leaving at midnight. we trudge on, resigned to many more hours at the office.

1am: hyper bunnies. we are on the brink of tiredness, bordering into the realm of delirium.

3am: sleepy. it's way past bedtime and we're still on our 3rd page. curse the messy art director.

5am: getting closer! three zombies ploughing through the morning.

7am: DONE!! and i still have my other mock-up to finish off. the sun is peeking through the clouds in the horizon and i am fully awake now. i feel like i could continue the day like i had slept through the night. but that's just me being delusional.

8:30am: exhausted and happy. i've got the day off. i bid the office adieu and ride off into the sunrise with my knight in shining red. that would be alvin picking me up in my car. -_-

and there you have it. still want to work in advertising?

Monday, July 16, 2007

want some leaky action?

i am feeling fantabulously sexy right now. absolutely gorgeous.

it's 2.18pm and i haven't had a shower. i'm still in my pyjamas. i haven't washed my hair. and i've got a tissue stuck up my nose so it doesn't gush like niagara falls.

it's a good look. you should try it sometime.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

of disease, scorpions and floating printers

i had a string of stressful dreams resulting in me waking up super tense with a stiff neck.

dream 1:
alvin had a huge lump growing on his palm and it was painful so he went to see a doctor about it. he was diagnosed with myglucoma (something i made up entirely in my dream). the lump was like a huge boil but hard. inside was trapped urine. don't ask me how urine gets trapped in your hand.

the doctor told him not to have any physical contact with anyone in case he passed it on. but those with hepatitis were exempted. so i was ecstatic, because i have hep b. the doctor bandaged his hand and i helped look after him, feeding him his meds and making sure he ate the right food.

dream 2:
alvin and i were in the room and i saw a scorpion-like thing zipping past on the floor incredibly fast. i panicked and prodded alvin. "is that a scorpion??" he looked and for awhile he couldn't see anything against the brown tiles. then it moved again and he started flicking his towel at it.

the scorpion flew upwards and landed on alvin's face. i wanted to scream but alvin told me to stay calm and still so it wouldn't sting. then the scorpion jumped and landed on my face. i really panicked then but managed to remain still. i didn't want the nasty bugger to sink his stinger into me. and i closed my eyes waiting for it to get off.

it felt like forever. and ever. and then i opened my eyes and it was gone.

dream 3:
i was at a pier with ships all around. i was stranded. the ship i was supposed to be on had left and it was moving towards the horizon. i had to find someone who could take me to that ship so i asked this old, dodgy, pirate-looking man if he would help me.

he said he'd take me as long as i held on tight and didn't let go, because he wasn't responsible for me. he pointed at a row of printers tied to each other with an orange piece of rope floating in the sea. the printers were being towed by his boat.

so i said okay. he started his boat and i held on to one of the printers for dear life. the rope kept slipping off the printer and i had to try to keep looping it back over the printer, otherwise i'd find myself stranded in the middle of the sea. after awhile, i realised we were heading in the opposite direction of the ship i was supposed to get on!!



i can still see that bloody scorpion zipping across the floor like a ghost.

i'm going shoe shopping tonight. retail therapy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


clothes. bags. shoes. the three things women will never have enough of.

one of the biggest mysteries of women - how can one have a whole roomful of clothes and still complain about not having anything to wear? there is no real answer. it just happens.

okay... i'm lying. there are answers, but women generally don't like mulling over them because it gives them an excuse to do MORE shopping!

i had to throw away half my clothes and shoes away during my move from melbourne to KL. instead of feeling heartbroken, i felt relief. relief that i had given away all the clothes i would probably never wear again which were taking up way too much space. relief that i now had space for more NEW clothes and shoes!

such is the mentality of shallow, matetrialistic, bimbotic females such as i.

i have been on a mission to find a pair of flat shoes. i have been looking for MONTHS. seriously. and when i finally find a pair, naturally, my size is sold out.

i swear the shoe fairy is holding a grudge against me. being the sad, desperate person that i am, i had to resort to eye candy instead.

marc by marc jacobs bow flats

marc by marc jacobs peep toes

Pedro Garcia

Carmen Ho

Jill Stuart

Juicy Couture

Loeffler Randall

Carmen Ho


the hunt continues...

Friday, July 06, 2007

snap snap

it's july already. we are now more than halfway through the year. can you believe that?

where have the last 6 months gone? i have been planning to get some studio shots done with a photographer since january. but bad timing (and financial planning) has not allowed for a shoot. it's july now and i'm still planning to do that damn shoot.

since the middle of last year, i have been meaning to send in some photos to talent agencies in hopes of getting the chance to make extra moolah. you know, just in case they need a talent who:

- looks thai
- can pass off as a lady joiner
- is chinese but looks like she has abit of an identity crisis
- can switch between a manglish accent and an american-australian-malaysian-super-cialat mixed accent
- a hairy chinese girl
- can do a pretty good tangkachi accent

pretty good chances of me getting jobs, huh.

yeah. well... i can only try.

have finally managed to set an estimated date with jacky (cam's wedding photographer) in mid august for an outdoor shoot. should be fun and quite possibly, terribly embarassing.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


ok disregard the previous post.

but i am still going to work on a new layout.

eventually. haha.

i love the word 'eventually'. it doesn't promise anything. it's a vague gauge of time. eventually could be next week. it could be next month. it could be when you're 90 on your deathbed cursing everyone who has ever shitted you off.

so yes. eventually....

temporarily ugly

just so you know... there's a reason why my blog suddenly reverted to this standard dreary looking template. i was playing around with blogger's new template thingy and i thought it would keep my main stuff...

i was wrong.

poof. everything disappeared.

ah well. it's time for a makeover anyway. so... yes.

Monday, July 02, 2007

i love reminding myself

how i'm extremely lacking in the moolah department of my life. so i browse through sites and resort to window shopping, fantasising about decorating my future house.

with pretty little things like....

Chandeliers Plexy Baroque

Profile Mirror with Colour-Changing Inks

Undergrowth Bone China Urban Gnome

and then of course i wander off in my thoughts and start thinking about other things like...

feather earrings by Alex Monroe

*sigh* but alas... in the end, i can afford none of these. time to get out on the streets and sell my lady joiner self.

i lady joiner. you waaant? i gib you special price. for you i gib cheap cheap. wat hotel name? wat hotel name?!