Saturday, December 30, 2006

drama mama

nothing like a drama to end the year with.

tuesday night ended with a bunch of us sitting outside the brickfields police station. you cannot imagine the amount of drama that could possibly boil over papadams.

moral of the story - don't ever eat at spicy kitchen in hartamas. not only are they fucking rude and sarcastic, they also cheat your money off you.

by the end of the night, i was tired and extremely pissed off at alvin for being ghetto macho.


i just confirmed my flight back to melbourne in less than two weeks - 9th january. melbourne, here i come!! i'm praying for hot weather so i can get a tan!!

imagine that. i live in a tropical country, yet i am going overseas to get a tan. that's just wrong.

i'm not looking forward to all the packing i need to do though!! -_- that's going to be a real nightmare.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

i can't swallow

i hope everyone had a good christmas!!

i spent most of mine down with a fever and a bruised throat. it's probably the weather. cam and clarence have both been down with the fever too. hmmm... perhaps we sagittarians are more susceptible to this bug.

each time i swallow, it feels like someone pressing down on a bruised spot. it's been an hour and i'm still trying to get through my small bowl of porridge. and you know what? i have this insane craving for tom yum right now. i couldn't pick a worse time, could i.

last night, i followed alvin and his family over to his aunt's place for christmas dinner. i've never seen such chaos before, ever. they're definitely not a quiet bunch of people. lol. it was nice to see everyone getting into the christmas mood, but for me, i think it's just not quite the same when you're not with your own family and friends.

but it was still nice. i haven't been able to celebrate christmas properly for a long time, and this year gave me the chance to.

ok. time for me to veg out in front of the couch.

Friday, December 22, 2006

in a bubble

alvin's put me under quarantine at home in order to prevent me spreading the pink eye to everyone else... especially him.

i don't really blame him. i wouldn't wanna look like i do.

being stuck at home all day does not agree with me. especially when there's only DIAL-UP internet!! *jumps off roof while waiting for page to load*

i've eaten three packets of nasi lemak today. yeah. i really do like the stuff. it's my new obsession. pan mee was, like, soooooooo last season, darlin.

most of the day has been spent switching between pottering about with illustrator and getting my pulse racing with Need for Speed. as you can tell, i'm bored out of my mind.

earlier this afternoon, i decided to msg ewan.

"yo. wanna have dinner tonight?"

i received no reply so i figured he was being sombong with me. fine. then he calls at 7.30pm.

"oi, aunty!! why never reply my msg?"
"wat msg?! i didn't get any msg from you."
"got laaaa. i replied and said "sounds like a plan." see la. i thought since we're not in melbourne anymore, you won't ffk me so takde hal la. but end up you ffk me anyway."
"i didn't get anything from you, i swear."
"well now i have to go and cancel my dinner plans. i thought u ffk me so i made back up dinner plans. call you back."

i went back to need for speed while waiting for the verdict.

he called back.

"i couldn't get out of dinner la. my friend assumed that dinner was on, so he told his parents to go ahead. now he has no dinner. i asked him why he went and did that. he was just my back up plan!"

now i'm stuck with no dinner. alvin's going to risk bringing food over but i can't quite decide what to eat.

no more nasi lemak. NO MORE.

but i could sooo eat some more!! -_-

all i want for christmas is conjunctivitis

i'm really really really annoyed. today is the day of the office christmas party at modesto's where we're supposed to dress up according to our assigned categories:

surfer dudes

yesterday, the christmas committee gave us a sneak preview of what we could expect at the party.

alcohol. alcohol. alcohol.

lamb. roast beef. turkey. curry. etc etc.

group performances as well as performances organised by the committee.

but the BEST part of it all.... was the lucky draw. EVERYBODY gets to draw a prize. EVERYBODY. the six grand prizes this yr includes two LCD TVs, two HD TVs and two portable dvd players with the works.

rumour has it that the smaller prizes include swatch watches, ipod shuffle/nanos, etc.

and i miss out on it all.


because i have conjunctivitis. bloody conjunctivitis. my eye is all red, watery, swollen and itching like a bitch. it's stunning, i tell you. absolutely stunning.

*sings christmas carol*

on the first day of christmas, santa gave to meeee.... conjunctivitis.... and it's all red and bloody itchyyyyy

i had my entire nerd outfit all figured out - knee-length pleated black skirt, my sister's white school shirt, pigtails, school mistress black shoes, white socks and black cardboard glasses. but i guess it's just not meant to be.

i think it's a sign from up above telling me i'm just not cut out to be a nerd. i don't have the brains.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

not such a marketplace

after work last night, the song dynasty had a family dinner at ming room. i've come to realise i'm quite incapable of appreciating fancy chinese restaurant food. i'd rather have a bowl of pan mee from the hawker stalls any day.

after that... alvin, his friend - girish, and i decided to head down to andrew's restaurant/bar - MARKETPLACE - in KL. we'd been promising to drop by for awhile so we finally got our act together last night.

it's a pity i didn't take a camera with me. it's got a great view of the petronas twin towers, great ambience and the menu of fusion european looks mouthwatering. we shall be treating our tastebuds on thursday, hopefully.

you can choose to dine outside in the garden, or inside by the bar. you can head upstairs to the lounge for a more comfy drinks session or chill out on the deck and enjoy the view with a glass of *insert preferred drink* in your hand.

for anyone who would like to try out somewhere different, i would recommend marketplace. it's right in the heart of KL, yet secluded enough for a quiet drink. it is located off jalan yap kwan seng, right next to aunty nat's on lorong yap kwan seng.

ok, enough of reviewing the place. personally, i love it and i definitely want to go back there. coming, anybody?

Monday, December 18, 2006

a fulfilling day at work


as you can see, i achieved alot at work today... editing my blog template.


ok... time for me to find a way out of here!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


oh, what a day!

i went over to cam and donkey's place to help them prepare for their housewarming pool party. standard menu - fried mee hoon, curry, salad, tuna sandwiches, bbqed gourmet sausages and fantastic steak... oh, and alcohol, of course. that's just a given.

tuna sandwiches are a pain to make. we had toasted ones. we had spicy ones. and we had non-spicy ones for the pussy-weak peeps.

then we had a little hiccup with the salad dressing. we told donkey to get balsamic vinegar for the salad dressing. but noooo, he thought he'd be smart and go one step further so he bought balsamic dressing instead.

MEN. *roll eyes*

fine. so i thought, screw it. it saves me from having to make salad dressing. but as we were packing all the food to be brought down to the pool, my aunt accidentally spilled 3/4 of the salad dressing.

so that was abit shit coz we didn't have enough salad dressing. and we couldn't make more because a certain someone*cough * DONKEY *cough* decided not to get balsamic vinegar. i decided to just make a salad dressing base and add the balsamic dressing in instead.

the boys had abit of trouble getting the bbq fire started. how many dicks does it take to start a fire? apparently, five.

the weather was fantastic. warm and balmy with a slight breeze. the pool area was all lit up and the frangipani trees silhoutted against the sky. the only thing that spoilt the night was the fact that i couldn't have a swim.

bloody periods. literally.

just as i decided to say goodbye, donkey and phil decided it would be a good idea to chuck me into the pool despite my protests of me contaminating it with my blood.

well... at least i got a quick dip in the pool. it felt great!

i made the most bizarre comment today. i tried pepsi gold for the first time and alvin asked me what it was like.

"what's it taste like?"
"like mahjong," i blurted.

the moment it came out of my mouth, i realised how weird i sounded.

"wat the hell does mahjong taste like??"
"i don't know. it tastes like the smell of mahjong."

don't ask me to explain it. i can't. it doesn't even make sense to me.

treasure hunting

this coming friday is the office christmas party. it's themed "back to school". unfortunately i left my tarty tartan skirt back in melbourne. i've been assigned to the group of NERDS. but i will be a tarty nerd, if there ever was such thing.

oh wait. skanky bambi is the PERFECT example of a skanky nerd. hee hee.

so, naturally, i decided to head to sungei wang to try my luck. i ventured into the world of ah lians alone while alvin went to work. i forced myself to go into THE most ah lian shops possible in hopes of finding a little schoolgirl outfit. it was a nightmare, i tell you.

but amongst the pile of rubbish you expect to get from sungei wang, i managed to find a few treasure troves. i have to say, the shopping there is improving slightly. i found the perfect pinafores for the theme party, but of course, they didn't have my size.


so i got sidetracked and bought a pair of shoes, a convertible dress/top, a belt and a necklace. none of them have anything to do with the theme.

anyone got a schoolgirl skirt i can borrow?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

i wish i may, i wish i might...

a certain someone has been bugging me for my birthday wishlist, since apparently, i am hard to shop for.

which is completely untrue.

by the way, i'd like to thank everyone who sent their birthday wishes. and to those who forgot, i hope you feel very, very, guilty. =p haha. i'm full of mercy.

here goes... a few i managed to think of whilst trying to put together a stupid calendar.

- ikea vouchers
- aussino vouchers
- wireless mouse for my laptop
- white birdcage (totally unpractical, i know)
- shu uemura depsea balancing cleansing oil
- drawing tablet (hey... it's a WISH list, right?)

umm... i'm sure i'll think of a few more later on. ;p

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


come back in a week. or two. depending on how motivated/bored/free i am. =p