Wednesday, September 26, 2007

diorrhea is the new black

i should get diorrhea more often.

after squeezing everything out and emptying the entire contents of my stomach and intestines, my stomach is now completely flat. it has not been this flat since... i don't know when. but my point is, it's flat.

or at least, it WAS completely flat... until i had dinner. *sheepish grin*

so girls. forget dieting. forget exercising. forget those slimming pills.

just eat really bad food and lao-sai your way to a slimmer, trimmer you!!


i got a job offer today. should i take it? hmmm. tempting, oh so tempting. the only thing is, can i handle working with my godmother? this is where mummy's advice comes in.

and dear mummy is coming down this sunday. i'm half looking forward to it, and half dreading it. my loud, rowdy, hyper, psycho, doesn't-know-how-to-grow-old mother.

i've found a new best friend

in the last sixteen hours i've been to the toilet eight times. so, we've been getting to know each other very well. it's a love-hate relationship.

my ass really hurts. the first five times was fine. but slowly, it started to burn and sting more. someone needs to invent softer toilet paper. like silk.

three times in one hour this morning. it's really not funny. i dread the next one.

Friday, September 21, 2007

i blame facebook

- it has caused the death of this blog.
- i can't stay away from it for even a day.
- i am addicted to bogglific.
- i reload my home page to look at all the updates several times a day.
- it's kept me from focusing on my work more than a few times.
- there is sooooo much crap to explore!
- i have full-blown conversations about facebook outside the cyber realm.

i quite like my room on facebook so far. *beam*

aren't the cats cute?? i'm thinking of what to name them. ebony & ivory? haha. so cliche.

send me items to add to my room!!

damn those drop-out college kids.

i am really looking forward to my trip in two weeks. it may be just langkawi, but anywhere with sun, sand and sea is better than nothing. it was originally going to be phuket... until the plane crash.

really. why would that deter anyone? it's not like they crash all the time. you could be flying to anywhere and crash!

on the other hand, weather reports say it's raining almost everyday in phuket now. so i'm not so sore about it. besides... i'm going in november. hurray!! alvin and i finally made our holiday a reality. after a year of prodding, poking and whining.

"babe! when are we going for a holiday?"
"hmmm... end of the year, we'll go."

"baaaabe. when are we going away for a holiday?"
"we'll go after chinese new year okay? when perhentian island is open."

"we still haven't gone on our holiday yet!!"
"oh ya. err... we'll go in june or july."

"ok. WE REALLY NEED TO GO ON A HOLIDAY!! i'm going to go insane!! i need a tan, damn it!"
"you can plan and i'll go."

-_- wtf.

and so i did. and we are finally going.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

survey friday

1. Like to walk under the rain?
- not particularly

2. Sleep with or without clothes on?
- depends. is it 'happy time' night?

3. Prefer black or blue pens?
- thick and black. and i'm talking about pens.

4. Like to travel?
- hell yea. i'd love to be paid to travel.

5. Do u like someone?
- i have to like him to love him, i suppose.

6. Do he/she know?
- i think he has an inkling.

7. Think you're attractive?
- depends on the day. sometimes i think i'm jessica alba... until i look into a mirror.

8. Want to marry??
- i think so... eventually... when i'm ready.

9. To who?
- someone tall, rich, smart and handsome. so... i guess i'm never getting married.

10. Alaska or Hawaii?
- definitely hawaii.

11. Are you a good person?
- depends whom to.

12. Are you currently in a relationship?
- yes

13. Colored or black-and-white photo?
- depends on the photo.

14. Do long distance relationships work?
- no. no. no. trust me.

15. Do you believe in astrology?
- no but i like reading about it.

16. Do you believe in God?
- i'm not sure and i don't know if i'll ever be.

17. Do you believe in love at first sight?
- nope. you can't love what you don't know.

18. Do you consider yourself the life of the party?
- i'm the quiet one. until i start drinking and skanking.

19. Are u an outgoing person?
- i don't think so...

20. Do you have a job?
- yes. unfortunately, i need one.

21. Do you make fun of other people?
- all the time... to their faces.

22. Do you think dreams eventually come true?
- well... depends on the dream. the dream could be eating durian gelati on a summer's day. or it could be wanting to be paid to eat and sleep.

23. Chocolates or Candy?
- chocolates

24. Favorite food?
- good food.

25. Go to the movies or rent?
- both, depending on the movie, and the mood.

26. How's the weather right now?
- dark and wet.

27. Hug or kiss?
- hugs all the way.

28. Last person you talked to on the phone?
- sexophil

29. Last time you showered?
- not long ago. wanna smell me?

30. Loud or soft music?
- depends on the music

31. McDonalds or Burger King?
- hmmm.... that's a tough one. mushroom swiss or spicy mcchicken?

32. More romantic? Baths or shower?
- definitely... baths. as long as he doesn't drown.

33. Night or day?
- night

34. Number of pillows on your bed?
- 2

35. Piano or guitar?
- both. together. but guitarists are way sexier.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

the hens played in bangkok PART THREE

finally. the last instalment of bangkok.

the hen and buck all dressed up

dinner at cabbages & condoms: meng, edmund, mei ling, cam, dave, jarrod and me

a novelty restaurant built for a cause - to spread the awareness of AIDS and safe sex. the entire place is decked out with sculptures made out of condoms. you won't see this many condoms in one place bar a condom factory. big ones. small ones. yellow ones. red ones. ribbed ones. smelly ones.

donny, gene, phil, bryan & ally

three horny devils

being surrounded by condoms makes a happy bride

all dolled up and ready to hit the scene in RCA!!

angels in disguise... *cough* at slims

ally giving cam some horn action

cam the angel and ally the horny devil

we met this italian australian guy... and they told him i was single!! idiots.

this is what happens when men try to chat up a bunch of girls and they're all married except one.

"hi, ladies. would you like to join our table?"
"oh no, it's okay. she's getting married and we're celebrating her hen's night!"
"oh, awesome. how about you?"
"i'm married too."

all eyes turn to the only one left and the two married women point at her.

"but she's single!!"
"err... ahh... umm... i have a boyfriend," she protests lamely but somehow it doesn't have the same effect as "i'm married", and the vultures descend.

the farang who taughts us to say kinky things in french and swear in italian

obviously he thought he was some kind of hero. rambo, perhaps?

hope everyone had a good merdeka!