Friday, February 29, 2008

new year, new job, new me

i'm holding my breath in anticipation of her answer.

i asked the design house if they would reconsider their figure. and if they do, i've decided to just take it. i've decided to hold on to the passion while i'm still relatively young.

worse comes to worst, i'll work for Godmother and freelance for them instead. that just means i'll have to stay in this country a lil longer than planned.

i had farewell dinner and drinks with my colleagues last night at J&Rs.

it still feels kinda surreal. i don't think it's quite hit me that i'm actually leaving! i haven't even started packing up my stuff yet.

i told my boss i'd probably come back to the office next week to hang out coz i'll be bored. and i'm really going to miss some of the colleagues i have come to think of as my second family.

i'll definitely miss the lunches full of sexual conversations. and my boss walking around barefoot acting like a hooligan. i'll miss pretending to be pissed off with the servicing people and throwing pseudo tantrums.

but i think the first thing i'll miss is having a cheque to look forward to at the end of the month. hopefully won't be unemployed for too long.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

back at the t-junction

tomorrow is my last income earning day before i become an official bum. i'll live on bread and water and when i can't even afford that, i'll have to start eating my car.

i went for an interview on tuesday. my first REAL interview. it was nerve wrecking. you know that feeling before you go on stage to do a public speech? i had that feeling ALL day before the interview.

everytime i thought i about it, my heart jumped to my throat and got stuck there before sliding back down.

the interview went well though. they said they liked me.

unfortunately... being a small design house, they can't pay me what i'm currently earning.

so why am i still thinking about it? because i love the work they do. i love their working environment. i agree with their philosophy and i can see myself doing lots of interesting projects with them. plus, i think i'll learn so much more and be able to build my folio.

once again. passion vs money. that seems to be the theme of this year.

some pics from krabi.

the hot springs

the river below the hot springs

nature's own pool - the emerald pool

my daddy!

daddy & the kids

travelling feet

my stepmum and kids

ao nang beach looks nice in pictures. but is a huge disappointment in real life. the sand was made out of coarse ground shells. it was only about 20m from the top to the water. and it wasn't very long either.

apparently the nicer beach is railay. i'm aiming to go back to krabi and hop to koh phangan and koh samui.

oh. another thing. don't bother staying at maritime park hotel. it was an absolute con. it's old and rundown, the service was lousy and it's 20 mins away from the beach!

back to pondering on life decisions.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i got the big chop

nine years i held on.

nine years is a long time to hold on for. so i decided it was time to let go. i got it all chopped off.

i impulsively decided i needed a change of hairstyle. fei asked me how short i wanted it and i indicated just below my shoulder.

"how long has it been since you cut your hair short?"
"ummm... eight or nine years?"
"WAT?! ok i'm going to cut your hair til here," he pointed at my chin.
*sharp breath and exhale* "okay."

he motioned for a rubberband and tied my hair before hacking away a good 20cm of my hair. when the deed was done, he dangled it in the air to show me. i surprised myself by not freaking out. it was kind of liberating.

no regrets.

and no, i have not had my heart broken, broken up with alvin or just come out of depression.

one more day to CNY eve. three days to krabi.

and i'm pissed off. i think my period is coming. and my rashes haven't entirely disappeared.

damn it. no beach body for me then.

Friday, February 01, 2008

big decisions. big headache.

passion or money?

the answer's pretty obvious right? usually it'd be passion, of course. it'd be simple to decide if there weren't other factors involved.

like time. like career. like my PR.

eerrrgh. but after a week of churning it over and over in my head, i'm leaning towards passion. thanks to will who gave me a very inspiring speech.

an opportunity to do something which i have passion is something that may not come by very often. money can always come later. before i moved back here, i wouldn't have thought twice about it. but living in an asian society, i find the materialism and money-mindedness is rubbing off on me.

if i chose the money, i know i would also be giving up any life i have now to be able to spend it. which, kind of defeats the purpose, no?

watever it is, my decision now lies in the hands of the immigration department.

my PD trip got cancelled thanks to our company's fuck up. we were told we had to go to singapore on thursday for a workshop, so we decided to cancel the trip to PD on friday.

turns out... it wasn't 31st january. it was 21st february!! -_-

my rashes have flared up like crazy over the last week. i've been dousing myself with cider vinegar everyday as advised by my beauty queen godmother. seems to help more than the medicated creams given by the skin doctor. and cider vinegar is a whole lot less expensive.

i'm just crossing my fingers they will miraculously disappear before my trip to krabi next week!

otherwise... u can call me dotty.