Saturday, November 10, 2007


i find myself in an unfavourable situation. i've gone on a full ride of emotions - from being pissed to no end, to feeling numb and being unable to care anymore.

and yet, i am unwilling to act upon it simply because it would be rather inconvenient.

part of me wants to stay. but part of me says, there's no point. i am expecting more than i can be given. there is no future here. it is continuing to walk on a road with a dead end, hoping that you are mistaken.

priorities. everyone has a different list. unfortunately, i know i'm not up there on that list.

despite knowing all that, i'm still here. afraid that if i let go, everything else will crumble all around me and i'm just not ready to deal with that.

emo-nya. and i'm not even PMSing.

it's not helping that my stomach is being a bitch and my bowels are threatening to let loose an avalanche. damn steamboat.

u know that feeling where you were pissed off for so many little reasons, and now you can't remember why you're pissed? that's where i am. i'm just over it. tired of being angry and disappointed.

perhaps i shall try and get some sleep.