Monday, July 07, 2008

what happens now?

"do you really know the person you're sleeping with?" carrie bradshaw posed this question.

what happens when the person you thought you knew inside out, suddenly shows a side of them that makes you take a step back and realise, you don't know them as well as you thought?

what happens when the person you've been building your dreams/future with, becomes the person who tears them apart?

what happens when you realise this person has become your best friend, confidante, your entire world, and you have no one else to turn to? your friends are his friends. your home is his home. your safe place is him.

what happens when you realise you have crossed way over your side and you've lost your way back? it becomes a one-sided relationship.

so what happens when doubt begins to eat inside of you and you wonder if you've given up far too much to let go now, and yet, you wonder if you should?

and yet, all he can do is get angry when you raise your issue.

so what happens now?

you repress your emotions and stay. because if you leave, you know he won't hurt as much as you will.