Wednesday, November 22, 2006

run, kancil, ruuunnnn

what an unusual day. i'm not used to receiving smses/calls from more than two people in a day. so imagine my surprise when i got two smses at 11am this morning.

quota fulfilled for the day, i thought to myself.

first sms from johan.

how about it tonight? poker at my place. feel free to bring your boy.

are you nuts? i thought. i'm broke. it's a wednesday. and you're all rich bastards!!

second sms from Z.

i talked to your fiona online. i think it wasted to have dismissed the both of ya. let's make up for the lost years. let's go buy dvds or mamak when you're free.

wow. i have friends. or at least some semblence of friends. *gasp* =p

then later in the afternoon i receive an sms from joycefairywong. she's throwing a singles party. sounds like fun!! i'd go just to meet hot chicks. nevermind the guys.

5pm. i receive a call on my extension from my boss - kuku chiao.

"eh. you wanna go to kancil awards or not?"
"huh? where? who's this?"
"don't worry. i'm married la. this is not a date."
-_- "it's YOU, is it?! i thought you were uncle low."
"uncle low?! ooohhhh what's been happening with uncle low? he's been hitting on you, is it?"
"no la!!"
"so how? wanna go or not?"
"who's going? what time is it?"
"why do you need to ask so many questions?"
"i have no transport la."
"everyone's going. you follow them la."
"oh. okay la. count me in. do i have to dress up?"
"no need la. unless you want to go and seduce all the art directors."
"hmmmm. sounds like a plan. hahaha."

i msned alvin.

i'm going to the kancil awards on friday night.
i guess you won't be going alone then.
huh? why?
coz i'm going too!!

i wonder if there'll be any hot creative directors there. bwahahahaha.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

rain, rain, go away

i'm in one of those slit-your-wrist, i-wanna-die, what-is-the-point-of-it-all moods. perfect material for emo punk rock songs.

but don't worry. i won't slit my wrists.

i just heard someone whisper "DAMN!" under their breath. bastard.

but no, really. i sometimes wonder, what is the point of it all? is everyone too busy getting caught up in relationships, marriages, jobs, kids and money to think about what really matters in the big picture? some people see the process of setting up a family and a stable life as the big picture.

but i see more. there HAS to be more.

but then, maybe that's just my delusional way of justifying my way of living life with temporary moments of happiness. and when those moments fade, i move on. in fact, i think i live life FOR those temporary moments of comfort, joy, security, watever. the moments that make you feel like life is worth living.

i live for those moments, so much so that i will put myself into situations that will never have a happy ending. i know very well it won't work, yet, i persist.

i never was a very bright child.

i turned into a dead end but stubbornness, hope and denial keep pushing me into the wall. so here i am, headbutting a wall with nowhere to go.

furry bundle of joy

i was going through the limited amount of photos i have on my laptop and flicked through a folder titled "Champs"- pronounced "shamps". short for champagne because he was the colour of champagne but his mum had already taken the name.

somehow... i don't think my mum really cracked her head open to come up with a more original name. oh well.

i realised how much i miss my 11.5 kg furry bundle of joy. he's put on weight. it used to be 8.5kg... and that was 6 years of diet food. now, he has to go on a tighter diet. poor fat cat. i can only imagine how traumatised he must be at the thought of having to stick strictly to diet food. no extra snacks and treats.

it's probably his biggest nightmare. it's like being thrown into cat hell.

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what do you want?

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go away. i'm sleeping, you stupid woman.

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i may be fat, but i know i'm still fucking cute!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


it's friiidaayyy. it's friiidaayyy. *dancing like a lunatic*

i actually feel like going out and doing some skanking. *sigh* but i ain't got no skanks here. cam's all married and domestic now. bah. boooorrriiiinnngggg. =p

anyway. i just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the coming of the weekend.

*prances off into the moonlight*

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hurricane wednesday

what a day.

i was happily tinkering away, working on a folder that was due today when i suddenly get a whole pile of press ads dumped on my table... all needed to be changed and some that needed to be finished and sent out for FA today.

Uncle Low was trying to brief me through all the different sizes and different ads for different papers but it all went flying over and around my head. i couldn't focus. all i could think of was "fuck.fuck.fuck. how am i going to finish all this AND three jobs due today, tomorrow and friday?!?!?! PLUS all the Chinese New Year FAs that need to be finished by friday????"

while Uncle Low tried to drill the details into my head, all i could see were numbers blurring while my cheeks grew hot and tears started welling up.

"what the hell is wrong with me? i can't be crying... at work!! stop being such a crybaby and just focus. i must be PMS-ing."

well... i was right. i just got my period. figures.... no wonder i've been all moody and broody (i don't think that word exists but it does now!!)


still stuck at the office... i'm stranded here. i could take a cab home... but there's no dinner at home. i can't go back to viki's place because they're not in, and alvin's also stuck at his office. so... here i am.

if only public transport here was better. if only it were safer. if only i didn't have to worry about being mugged, kidnapped, raped or stabbed. if only this country was a better place.

SHIT. i need to stop whining.

damn. mac's don't support blogger's text editor. oh well. i'm done complaining for the day.... toodles!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


i stopped being productive at about 6.30...

but i'm still stuck at the office waiting to be picked up. *sigh* i need to save up for driving lessons. but then, comes another problem. a driving license is useless without a car to drive in. doo bee doo bee doo. that singsong expression reminds me of my beloved ally and bryan.

everyday i think about signing into blogger... but that thought quickly evaporates when i think about what interesting things i could possibly post up.


that's pretty much what my mind draws up. a whole bunch of dots forming empty sentences.

i'm already counting down the days to my next pay check. where did it all go? putting aside the fact that it's not much in the first place.

- family seafood dinner (ouch!)
- design books
- MAC make up brush set
- doctor
- food
- food
- food
- oh... and... more food

oh... my ride is here!!

FOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!! i'm starving. grrr.

i'm not dead.

just in case you were wondering...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

signs of true love

love. it's a strange thing. there is no real definition for the word. it is a term made up by humans to describe a chemical feeling between two people. how do you know if you really love a person?

when a guy stands outside in the rain for an hour waiting to present a bouquet of lilies to his woman? that's not love. that's him wanting to score points... or apologise. the bigger the bouquet, the bigger the mistake.

when a girl gives him a football jersey for his birthday because he's been eyeing it for months? that's not love... that's her wanting him to get her something she really wants for her birthday. or just wanting him to shut up about it.

when a man flies from one end of the world to the other for their anniversary? that's not love. that's him avoiding any possible fights and her reminding him for years how "you don't care! you choose your career over us! remember that anniversary we couldn't celebrate because you were in dubai on a business trip??"... or he's trying to show everyone how well off he is and why she should stick with him.

so how then, does one demonstrate their love?

you know he/she loves you when...

1. they give you the crispy skin off their fried chicken (even though it's their favourite part).
2. they let you have their marrow even though you've already had your share because they know how much you love that good shit (yes... the way to the heart is through the stomach).
3. they don't make lousy excuses, whine or make the do-i-haaave-to face when you ask them to meet your family/extended family - no matter how dysfunctional and deranged your family is
4. they make the effort to get along with your friends because they know how much it means to you.
5. after a long day at work, they ask you, "how was your day?" and mean it.
6. they listen to what you have to say and offer their moral support. "shiiit!! he MUST be in love. he's actually listening to what she's saying. REALLY listening!" - chris rock
7. they cook for you in the middle of night because you're hungry... or too drunk to do it

and i'm too lazy to think of anymore.... feel free to make your own contributions.