Sunday, May 28, 2006

a bloody affair

on friday, i had to go to st vincent's hospital for my appointment with the liver specialist and get a blood test done... during my period. but that couldn't be helped.. the appointment was made in february!! must be a lot of people suffering from liver problems in melbourne... too much alco?

i'm terrible when it comes to needles. there's just no way i could be a heroin addict. voluntary injections? you must be fucking nuts. i took a number and waited for my turn. every so often, an old lady would come out to call the next number. i prayed she was just the nurse, not the pathologist.

my prayer was blatantly ignored and chucked aside. she WAS the pathologist. it's not very reassuring when the person holding the needle squints through her glasses to look at you... let alone while she's trying to find your vein. not reassuring at all.

she got me to sit on the big green chair while jet stood by my side (i needed moral support) as she stuck the needle in. she showed me the tubes she needed filled with blood. there were 8 freaking tubes!! and she wasn't very gentle about it, i can tell you. naturally i looked away and after awhile, i suddenly heard:

"oh shit".
oh shit?!?!?! i thought to myself. oh my god.

the needle slipped and drops of almost black, thick blood started bubbling out.

"sorry love. i hope you got a good vein in the other arm."
other arm?? you're not done yet?? fucccckkkkk.

it was only halfway through. by the time she pulled out the needle from my other arm, i was a traumatised mess. i started sobbing like an abused baby behind the lady's back while she organised the blood tubes. jet just looked at me with half amusement, half worry. after we left the pathologist, i continued sobbing like a bitch.

i honestly don't know what came over me. my only explanation is my period... and the period of tenseness and fear.

i emailed my mum about it and she replied

Far out !!!!! Why did you pick to go and have bloods taken when you are having your period??? I would have fainted....... !!!!!!

oh well. on a better note, i went to watch X3 with jin min, ling yan, bambi & her brother - jonathan.

it was as good as i expected. my only critique would be that they should have introduced the newer characters abit more... and have had a few more in there too. i was really disappointed with angel. he didn't do shit 'cept fly around. sheesh. and i was hoping phoenix would be cooler, but she was just a moody, broody thing.

apart from that... i definitely want to get the box set!! x-men will be to me as lotr is to bambi. to lesser extremes, perhaps.

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Candidette said...

eh eh what are you trying to say huh? eh eh? you trying to say that i'm a lotr nut? well, i have news for you honey, YOU'RE RIGHT! hee hee

i hate needles too. i know the feeling when they dont get a good vein and you're like...well, why dont you just stab me in the head with that thing while your at it. you need a spot over your vein like i do. x marks the spot!