Monday, May 01, 2006


i am no longer an unemployed bum leeching off the taxes of the australian working class. i hear gasps and wine glasses falling from alcoholic hands.

i only mean a part-time job, of course. malaysia would be a developed country by the time i get a proper job. HAHAHA. yes... i'm highly optimistic about my job prospects but let's leave that for another time.

i applied for a job at roy morgan research as a telephone market research interviewer. yes... i will be one of those annoying people that call you up while you are having dinner to say, "hi i'm alysia from roy morgan research. would you be willing to take a few minutes to participate in our blablabla research?" or some shit like that.

and then you would say, "no, fuck off. i'm trying have a nice quiet dinner without you damn people calling me every minute of the bloody day!" and proceed to slam down the phone.

and then i would say, "what a grumpy fucker."

but on the bright side, at least i won't be trying to sell you telstra or optus broadband. or foxtel. now THEY are annoying idiots. at least with market researchers, you say no and they hang up. telesales people go on and on and ooonnn and ooooonnnnnn.

i went for the information session today. aptitude tests don't get any easier than this. a 10 yr old could pass it. doesn't say much bout my credibility, i suppose, but i'm desperate for moolah since i quit my centrelink payments. i feel so liberated!! centrelink is nothing but a centre for headaches.

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