Sunday, May 14, 2006

i want to be mute

i wonder how long my sanity will remain intact before i go loco with this job. after hours of blabbing on and repeating the same sentences word for word, my mind blanks out and becomes a puree of grey matter. i just don't want to open my mouth and utter a single word unless necessary.

today, i had a whole string of rude people on the line. at the top of the list is some guy who agreed to do the survey, and after the second question he started being a real prick with a pole up his ass. after a few more questions, the computer decided he wasn't the right candidate.

"so you're not going to use that? you've just wasted my bloody time!! fuck off you stupid bitch!"

he hung up.

i was a little stunned, then amused... then i got pissed off. if he was soooo damn reluctant to do the survey, just don't fucking do it. if you're going to participate, don't be a wanker. if you're going to be a wanker, save us all the trouble and piss off.

my, my... haven't i just been full of angst lately? ally... your angry-bangriness might be rubbing off on me.

i can't find my damn camera... which explains the lack in photos. boo hoo shoo.

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