Saturday, June 10, 2006

smooth criminals

i arrived on the train platform today just in time to witness three cops trying to arrest a protesting, possibly drunk and boisterous man. although he was yelling and protesting his innocence, he seemed mildly amused with his situation.

"i'm getting arrested for nothing!! what are you arresting me for...blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla...."

i zoned out until the cops finally managed to cuff him and lead him away. three little cops and one big guy.

and just a few weeks ago, jet and i were down at st kilda. we walked past a beeping atm... you know that bloody irritating-wanna-punch-the-machine beeping it makes when it ejects your card until you take it out? i have this little game with myself to see how fast i can take out the card and cash by measuring the beeps. yeah... sad, i know. compulsive behaviour.

anyway... back to the topic. it took us awhile to realise that someone had left their atm card in the machine and there wasn't anyone at the machine. and just when we did, some dodgy ass guy walked up to the atm and looked at it... then suspiciously looked around before keying stuff in and withdrawing a stack of cash.

the owner must've not finished the transaction and left the card behind. painful mistake.

he put it in his jacket pocket and walked away looking very pleased. i would be too if i got a stash of free cash, but not that way. i felt so bad that jet and i hadn't realised before that guy. we would've definitely tried to return the card or something. right after that, the cops drove by and we contemplated stopping them to report it.

but we didn't.

for the next 10-15 mins the guy walked up and down the street and kept putting his hand in his pocket to feel the cash with a grin on his dumbass face.

wat would you have done?

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