Monday, July 24, 2006

how can i resist?

here's my attempt at avoiding talking about real issues. thanks bambi!!

1. What would your made up langauge sound like?
que raveno sitervi comola estamundo quivase amardio jama riverto. ok so it just sounds like made up spanish. so what?!

2. When you are faced with a situation at work/uni/home where you just want to kill someone...what would your modus operandi be to put them through as much pain as possible?
if it was a him - tie him up, cut his balls off and leave him to bleed while watching porn. for a female - tie her up and have sex with her bf/husband/crush/lover while she watches him writhe in pleasure. i am ultimate evil. of course... it's all in the imagination.

3. If you were an X-man/woman which powers would you combine to be like "Captain X-man"?
phoenix's level 5 capabilities, nightcrawler's teleporting skills, mystique's shape-shifting, psylocke's hotness and psionic blade topped with jean gray's lover, Cyclops.

4. Now that you have your X-man powers, what would your name be?
Lady Mindfuck

5. If you could be any race from Lord of the Rings (you knew this was coming) what would you be?
elf of course!! a spellweaver.

6. If you could get ONE crazy insane law passed in parliament, what would it be?
since they will be banning smoking from bars and clubs (eventually?)... wireless hotspots at ALL cafes and bars. internet junkie exposed.

7. If you could be a vampire from any vampire style film which one would you be?
Queen Akasha - the mother of them all.

8. How would you explain (in any physics/metaphysics) the ability that kung-fu fighters seem to have when they walk on water?
i failed physics. perhaps, when you reach a stage where your feet skim quick enough over water, you won't have enough time to sink into it. i've tried the theory before. three steps was as far as i got before plunging ungracefully.

9. Why do films like Armageddon make people cry? (enter in your own tissue prone film)
bambi... wat kind of question is this??? because such situations are unrealistic and in reality, people no longer have that kind of honor and courage, but we like to believe it still exists and we weep over the fact that we will never have that kind of love proven to us. (wow... i just managed to bullshit thoroughly)

10. What is the worst film you've PAID to see? Those ripoff dvd's don't count.
SYRIANA!! three words - what. the. fuck??


Candidette said...


I am NOT crossing YOU anytime soon. And If I do, I'll make sure I'm who you gonna sleep with then huhhhh?
Jake Gyllenhaal?

lisha said...

hehe... repressed anger. ^_^