Wednesday, July 26, 2006


simple word. issues.

it's only six letters but it weighs a ton. it's a small word to carry so much weight. it covers everything - problems, doubts, fear, hate, topics, avoidance...

what a word.


we all have issues. women issues. men issues. racist issues. issues with people. issues with work. issues with god. issues with marriage. issues with ourselves.

what would we do without issues? we'd be dead bored. we wouldn't have anything to nag at our minds, turn the wheel of the grey matter. we'd never suffer from sleepless nights. we'd never have anything to debate/argue/fight about.

we have issues with having issues. that's how much issues we have. me, you, them, society, the world. we BREATHE issues. issues makes the world go round.

but some of us are better at blocking out issues than others.

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