Wednesday, August 23, 2006

all about sex

i want to pose a question to all of you.

is drunken sex better than normal sex? by drunken, i mean tipsy and (sort of) under control, as opposed to "uuughhh. stop stop. i need to vomit first. *puke* ok, let's continue!"

i've never tried it myself. i always had this impression that it would be a terrible experience. two people groping around, falling all over the place, things ending up in the wrong places... you get what i mean.

i find it hard to feel sexy when i know my face is burning red like a lobster and my make-up is all over the place. not to mention the lovely stench of alcohol everytime i breathe out. and can you imagine trying to undress sexily?? you think your movements are nice and smooth, when really you look like a zombie out of resident evil, sudden jerky movements. how sexy indeed.

so i wanna know what other people think about drunken sex. regardless of whether it's with a partner, a friend with benefits or some random.

i expect contribution from my lovely nymphettes.


mooiness said...

As a guy I have to say that it's not the best - the feelings and sensations are dull, and the orgasm is not as intense. Not to mention "limp wood". :P

But ironically, the chances of sex increases proportionately to the amount of alcohol consumed. ;)

beow said...

any sex is good sex...

lisha said...

mooi: so it's like catch 22!!

beow: that's only coz you're deprived la. hahaha.

alda said...

i like the taste of alco when i kiss somebody. it has a distintive taste in another persons mouth and i like it..


Anonymous said...

i've heard that for a female the orgasms are more intense when high (i stress high cos if you're past a certain point the rocking is bound to make you feel like throwing up)

not that i would know.. i'm saving myself for my wedding night *innocent look*


lisha said...

alda: -_- alco. that distinctive taste is probably the remnants of vomit and bile. hahaha.

xy: *choke* yea... and i'm virgin mary. haha. well... i would never know because i've never had the big O!!! *cry*

hmmm said...

not even on your own?

lisha said...

sorry... u expect me to answer that question to somebody named hmmm? -_-