Friday, August 04, 2006

delightful memories

yet another picture i stumbled across while flicking through my archive of photos.

this was about a yr and a half ago during summer in adelaide. angela managed to lock herself out, that blonde bimbo. and naturally, me being the smallest... as usual... i was designated the task of climbing through the laundry window, which the cats use as an alternate entry. *mew* there i was flashing my knickers in broad daylight. good thing i don't have knickers with pink love hearts or little teddy bears.

my mother took this photo while laughing her guts off.

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in return, i gave her the finger. we have a special relationship.

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luscious pervert said...

OMG... porn... yay! *drool*

Candidette said...

omg those are your pins!
damn woman. you have hot legs. parted or together they are still hot!

lisha said...

luscious: wah so easy to get you off. hee hee.

bambi: hello. it's not the first time u've seen my legs before. i want YOUR killer legs!! along with the boobs... and arms... and ass.