Saturday, October 14, 2006

ahhh... peace and quiet....

nothing quite like chilling in a cafe with the soothing sound of an angry driver blaring their horn at a double parked car.

malaysia. third rudest country. third most inconsiderate nation? wat else should we aim to achieve...? second most kiasu country. first being singapore, of course. =p i HAVE to say that. i'm malaysian, after all.

nevertheless, i won't let anything spoil my weekend. nosiree. i find myself appreciating weekends so much more now. i went to bangsar baru to try and find some much needed clothes. the office people have already recognised a trademark look of mine... which means... i need more clothes. i've been living with my ten tops and three pairs of jeans for the last two months now.

shopping here has been a challenge. if i do manage to find something nice, it's usually waaaayyy overpriced. but today, i found bangsar baru to be my new shopping haven.

yes... i'm rediscovering things about kl. where to eat. where to shop. who the hell x celebrity is. it can be a little tiring feeling constantly lost, but it's fun at the same time.

one thing though.... i'm craving good red meat and a nice breakfast - The Works. bacon. eggs. sausages. sauteed mushrooms and spinach. grilled tomatoes. *droooooool* but i don't know where to find a good place for it. unless i cook myself... which is another thing i miss. cooking.

ah well. can't have everything eh.


charmz said...

i like.

Anonymous said...

ahh, u r going thru the tourist to local transformation / transition period.. :P

la bodega in telawi serves a pretty good breakfast :)

- xy

lisha said...

charmz: *confused* u like wat?

xy: cool! shall try next weekend. yuuummmmm

jean` said...

what's the cpanel thingie-majig eh?!

lisha said...

i have no idea wat the hell it is... i think it's coming for my stupid tagboard.