Sunday, November 19, 2006

furry bundle of joy

i was going through the limited amount of photos i have on my laptop and flicked through a folder titled "Champs"- pronounced "shamps". short for champagne because he was the colour of champagne but his mum had already taken the name.

somehow... i don't think my mum really cracked her head open to come up with a more original name. oh well.

i realised how much i miss my 11.5 kg furry bundle of joy. he's put on weight. it used to be 8.5kg... and that was 6 years of diet food. now, he has to go on a tighter diet. poor fat cat. i can only imagine how traumatised he must be at the thought of having to stick strictly to diet food. no extra snacks and treats.

it's probably his biggest nightmare. it's like being thrown into cat hell.

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what do you want?

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go away. i'm sleeping, you stupid woman.

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i may be fat, but i know i'm still fucking cute!!

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