Wednesday, November 22, 2006

run, kancil, ruuunnnn

what an unusual day. i'm not used to receiving smses/calls from more than two people in a day. so imagine my surprise when i got two smses at 11am this morning.

quota fulfilled for the day, i thought to myself.

first sms from johan.

how about it tonight? poker at my place. feel free to bring your boy.

are you nuts? i thought. i'm broke. it's a wednesday. and you're all rich bastards!!

second sms from Z.

i talked to your fiona online. i think it wasted to have dismissed the both of ya. let's make up for the lost years. let's go buy dvds or mamak when you're free.

wow. i have friends. or at least some semblence of friends. *gasp* =p

then later in the afternoon i receive an sms from joycefairywong. she's throwing a singles party. sounds like fun!! i'd go just to meet hot chicks. nevermind the guys.

5pm. i receive a call on my extension from my boss - kuku chiao.

"eh. you wanna go to kancil awards or not?"
"huh? where? who's this?"
"don't worry. i'm married la. this is not a date."
-_- "it's YOU, is it?! i thought you were uncle low."
"uncle low?! ooohhhh what's been happening with uncle low? he's been hitting on you, is it?"
"no la!!"
"so how? wanna go or not?"
"who's going? what time is it?"
"why do you need to ask so many questions?"
"i have no transport la."
"everyone's going. you follow them la."
"oh. okay la. count me in. do i have to dress up?"
"no need la. unless you want to go and seduce all the art directors."
"hmmmm. sounds like a plan. hahaha."

i msned alvin.

i'm going to the kancil awards on friday night.
i guess you won't be going alone then.
huh? why?
coz i'm going too!!

i wonder if there'll be any hot creative directors there. bwahahahaha.

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HabitualDamnation said...

eh don't quote la my name like this.