Monday, January 22, 2007

bells a-ringing and love is in the air


they are now officially mr & mrs yeow. woo hoooo!!

the wedding was picture perfect. thanks to alice and noelle, the terrace garden looked fantastic with flowers, lanterns, mandarins, candles and red ribbons to complete the east meets west theme.

the bride herself looked absolutely stunning. jaw-droppingly HOT. i know "hot" isn't exactly the word people use to describe brides... but what can i say. ally was HOT!! she didn't quite pull off the virginal bride thing, but no one would expect her to. hahaha.

bryan looked equally amazing in his full suit - waistcoat, kercheif, corsage and all - the whole she-bang. topped off with the beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen, the setting was perfect.

it was an intimate occasion kept to only close family and friends. everything had a personal touch to it, from the invitation cards to the deco, to the door gifts - specially designed labels stuck on wine bottles for each guest.

tears brimmed in many pairs of eyes as we witnessed the union of the lovely couple, especially when they exchanged speeches and ally whipped out a surprise for bryan.

"bryan, i have a surprise for you. sit down."
crowd whoops and yells, "lap dance! lap dance!"
"no it's not a lapdance!"

nick strums his guitar and ally starts singing a couple of songs to bryan. he is genuinely surprised and he starts to tear. at the end of the songs, they kiss.

*sigh* love is bliss.

it's truly magical when you see two of your dearest friends so happy together. and you can't help but wish for that happiness to last their lifetime. and that you find your own equivalent.

will post some pics up soon...

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Candidette said...

Melbourne will always be here.

Pity about Boba Pearl though. Now I have to revert back to ordering pizza when I can't be bothered to cook.