Tuesday, January 16, 2007

couch paralysis

bambi and i have just spent the entire day... and i mean ENTIRE day, watching the second season of grey's anatomy. fourteen hours straight of grey's anatomy.

i never got into it before, but today was the turning point. talk about hedonism.

i have a headache from watching so much tv. my body just can't handle it.

why do we promise never to hurt the person we love? it's an empty promise because you can never guarantee it's a promise you will keep. you may somehow, inadvertently hurt them without knowing it, and there goes your promise out the window.

not meeting their expectations. being less of a person than they thought you were. not making enough or as much effort as you're putting in.

these things cause hurt too - a continuous, dull aching as opposed to the sharp pain you feel when someone cheats on you or dumps your sorry ass.

we forget that.

and so we suffer in silence. because it's just a dull ache that can be suppressed with sufficient distractions.

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