Friday, January 12, 2007

the crybaby award goes to..... *drumroll*


the night before i left for melbourne, alvin and i crept downstairs to rummage for some supper quietly, so as not to wake anyone up. on the way down the stairs, i spotted a huge moth. i froze.

he turned to look at me.

"babe? what are you doing?"
i pointed, eyes wide in fear, "moth."
"moth!!" as if that one word is enough to explain everything.
"just come down la."

the moth was sitting still on the wall tapestry, so i decided to creep down the stairs past it. eyeing it like a mouse eyes a sleeping cat, i moved slowly. down the stairs. closer. closer. and then...

the moth flew precariously towards my face. suppressing a scream, i panicked and burst into tears and ran down the stairs.

"babe? are you okay?"
he hugged me while i sobbed like a baby.

"you're crying over a moth?" he laughed.
"shut up."
"can't believe you're crying because of a MOTH!"
"shut up!!"

we continued our search for food in the stillness of the night.


i have an insane fear of moths. and flying birds. but birds are fine because they generally don't fly at you. moths, on the other hand, are fuckers who don't know how to fly properly. they don't even flutter graciously. they flap hopelessly and unpredictably in any direction.

flying cockroaches are even worse.

i'm already sick of packing and i've barely started. been busy stocktaking, sorting what needs to be kept and what i can bear to throw out/give away. clearing my shit off shelves and desks to take photos to post up for sale.

in fact, i UNPACKED a box yesterday. i still have stuff in boxes from my previous move to the apartment. i move faster than i can unpack. -_- not good.

being in the apartment brings back a flood of memories. overweight emotional baggage and guilt throw themselves at me. so i continue to focus on packing. pack. pack. pack. don't think. just pack.

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