Friday, February 16, 2007

piggy wiggy!! yes, that's me!!

it's the year to make a complete pig of yourself!! oink oink.

okay, shut up. i'm running on very little sleep and an overworked brain... or wat's left of it. yet again, i worked into the wee hours of the morning and finally managed to drag my ass out at 6am. and i thought it was going to be an early one.


technically, when we've worked an equivalent of two days in one day, we are allowed to take the next day off. but not me. nosiree. i had to come back to finish off stuff at lunchtime. and i had it good. my colleague jen clocked 26 hours straight before crawling out of the office this afternoon.

enough work talk. it's time to eat, drink, gamble and be merry!! unfortunately, the song dynasty isn't supposed to celebrate this year due to the passing of my grandfather last year. well, at least i have 5 days to recover from work.

*mental note* refrain from spending early salary lest i starve next month. *end of mental note*

i've been having this major urge to... surprise surprise.... go shopping!! neeeeeed retail therapy!!

okay. the stomach has woken up. i hear yu sang calling me. actually... i just want the salmon.

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IT Cubicle said...

for a person that doesn't eat fish.. don't waste the SALMON la.. :P