Tuesday, October 23, 2007

blame my internet

just when i have enough time to put up some pics... the internet decides to chug like a government worker.


by the way. just got incubus' new album and i must say, i'm quite disappointed with it. they didn't churn out anything spectacular as they have in the past. a few nice songs. just nice. i guess it's hard when people expect you to be extraordinary all the time.

i can't wait for this friday. black eyed peas in genting. uncle lim's passing doesn't seem to have affected the business. if they closed genting for a day to mourn, his soul would probably be floating around yelling "OI!! no need to work ah?" typical chinaman style.

can u imagine the amount of long lost relatives that would turn up for the funeral, waiting around like vultures?

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* Dream Weaver * said...

:) Hey yous...
Am dealing with some folks from Y&R these days. How you doing anyways???

Btw, I have tagged you again! Heehee! Look at my blog for instructions!