Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dead. dead. dead.

my laptop is playing dead with me.

when i switch it on, it whirs... and then all is silent. a blank screen stares back at me rebelliously and i get a feeling it's gone on strike.

but why?? i treated it well. i scanned it almost everyday for viruses. i never abused it.

so why the fuck has it decided to PMS on me like a bitchwhore?

i'm terrified at the thought of having all my stuff wiped out. my photos!! my music!! my folio work!!

*breathing in deeply*

so much for a $6,500 toshiba laptop. i should've just bought a dell.


Anonymous said...

mac FTW!

Reuben said...

Lol told eda that Toshiba was the poops and she was like NOOOOO IT'S SO COOOOOOL.

Well three friends with toshibas....three of them with problems.