Saturday, March 15, 2008

fashion can kill

it's been a bloody stressful and exhausting week.

sunday night i had a chat with my godmother. monday morning i was an employee. so much for my bumming.

i am now a stylist/visual merchandiser/graphic designer. i'm not sure wat my official position will be. that should be interesting.

on monday, we went to one utama to set up the store at 9pm and finished at 1am. whilst pulling apart the mannequins and stripping off their clothes, it suddenly occurred to me, "i have one of the most shallow jobs in the world."

visual merchandisers stress over how to dress up dolls as though they are making life-changing decisions.

the last five days have been the most stressful days - trying to sort out invitations and guest lists for our fashion show. it is part of the STYLO Fashion Festival and is strictly by invitation only. it'll be filled with all the who's who of KL and Tatler-worthy names.

on the upside, models have been walking in and out of the office. mmm... yummy.

alvin managed to get last minute free tickets for sunburst. yay!

incubus, here i come!

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