Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the little chase

i had the most bizarre dream a couple of nights ago. it was the kind of dream that seemed normal until you wake up. once i opened my eyes and ran through the dream again, i couldn't help but giggle.

me: "guess what i dreamt about?"
alvin: *probably thinking "here we go again"* "what?"
me: "i got chased by a midget!"

alvin paused. then he laughed.

i had just driven into the carpark of a shopping center and i was ambitiously trying to reverse park. i kinda scraped the car beside me, but, it was such a minor scrape i figured i'd just pretend nothing happened.

then as i walked into the mall, a couple of guys were loitering around. one of them was a midget and he decided to follow me around. i got annoyed so i turned into a corridor and see whether he would continue following.

he did.

i turned around and spat, "wat the fuck is your problem?" and continued walking towards the stationery section in an attempt to lose him amongst the stationary shelves. i spotted william and alvin and ran to them.

the rest isn't really worth mentioning.

so yes. i was chased by a midget.

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