Wednesday, April 26, 2006

enter stage

and i'm back in the game!!

i had a really bizarre dream last night. it was a romance story between me and... GODZILLA!! well, ok it wasn't REALLY godzilla. i have better tastes than that... even in my dreams. it was in fact, a vampire named godzilla. like Drake in blade trinity... muscles, macho, totally man... you know the type.

the night before, i had some stupid dream where jet and i had to do an assignment. i'd finished mine but jet was still writing stuff and he was collaborating with some other guy. i looked at what he wrote and he had like 10 pages while i had 3. so i tried getting him to help me, but he didn't give a shit and i started crying from frustration and ran to the toilet.

apparently he hugged me and i pushed him away before giving him a super evil eye. poor thing was like, "what did i do????"

one day i'm going to have problems differentiating between reality and dreams. i might even wake up looking at jet thinking, "i'm supposed to be with godzilla!"

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