Friday, April 28, 2006

i need a magic wand

i'm faced with the after effects of moving. on one hand, moving can be rather fun and exciting - you have all these ideas about how you want to set up your new place - until the packing and unpacking bit comes along.

i am now faced with the dreadful chore of unpacking all the shit i have managed to collect over the last 8 yrs in this kangaroo infested country we politically refer to as Australia. it's irksome, i tell you. i've only unpacked the absolute necessities and after living with nothing but these the last 3 weeks, i'm starting to wonder... what the hell is in all those boxes????

*insert audio clip* siiiiiggggghhhhhh

i need a magic wand to wave around and have everything magically unpacked. finding a place for everything is not easy... sharing a wardrobe with your other half is excruciating when both of you have more clothes than you really should. or at least, he does. women NEVER have too many clothes after all. hell, we never have enough. the wardrobe contests that statement, however.

note to bambi, ah ming, jing yew, luscious and bryza - it could be a few more weeks before you get a dinner invite. but it will happen.

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