Thursday, May 18, 2006

the best therapy : retail

warning: super girly post

wheeeeeeee. i just went to pick up my anniversary ring today... after waiting like 3 weeks. and then decided i'd drop by the general trader in melbourne central to get some house-y stuff. MORE house stuff... yay!!

i figured since i was in melbourne central, i'd go pick up the peter alexander cardigan i had my eye on a few weeks ago. but they were out... =( so i bought a pair of super cute flanelette pj pants instead. hee hee. they're sooo comfy... i'm wearing them now. they're white and *shock horror* PINK! i never get pink... but they were really nice. so girly... but dammit, i'm a girl so let me indulge abit.

i really wanted a sweater/jumper/cardi so i stopped by country road. i saw quite a few knits there so i thought i'd just give it a try. had trouble deciding between a fresh green and a light grey... being the boring person i am, i decided to get grey. it reflects on my boring personality. *sigh*

jet was in a guy dilemma: what hair product to get?

yea... he doesn't have much hair at the moment *ahem* but let him indulge abit la. he bought a mousse (i've never heard of a guy using mousse before) and some putty.

we got home and both of us looked at our purchases and grinned excitedly like silly kids. i rushed to put on my pj pants while he dashed to the toilet to try out the mousse. i went in to see how it was progressing...

"that's a lot of mousse..."
"heh... yeah i thought i was using shampoo."

i rolled my eyes and walked out. a couple minutes later he came in with his hair standing up.

"i look like a bird that fell into a pond!" he wailed.

i laughed so hard.

"i'm going to try the other one now."

couple minutes later...

"umm... at least this one looks a little less like a wet bird."
i burst out laughing... (it didn't) ^_^

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