Wednesday, May 17, 2006

blasphemous prayer

to whichever deity it may concern,

i have one simple request. please let me graduate this semester. i may be the slackest student ever, but i have good intentions. i really do. besides... it wouldn't be very nice if my father slit my throat, or if i jumped off a cliff. i exaggerate but you get my point.

i hope you will take this prayer into consideration.

your loving worshipper,

as much as i hate the thought of having to jump into the rat race... i have to. i realised i had to graduate this semester when i filled out an application form to rent a property.

course: multimedia
length of course: 3 yrs
what year are you in? 5th

i'm not really a dumbass. i must explain first that i actually started with a 4 yr double degree. i dropped one degree but still had to do another 3 yrs anyway because of the course structure. so technically... i'm only one semester behind.

that's how i justify myself. but... at the end of the day, it doesn't change the fact that i am a slack, lazy ass. damn me. all i can do now is cross my fingers, pray like a fanatic and hope to hell i make it through. three more weeks...

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commonjack said...

what do you know! i've got a similar prayer! except i try to be a little cooler and not appear to be 'needy' ... i go...

"Hey God. Yep it's me again. First of all, thanks for everything. And watch over all of my loved ones from family to everybody else.

And er...if you could just let me get through my course this year. I promise not to be such an idiot again in future!

Thats it. Thanks for listening. Word."