Friday, May 05, 2006

PMS ramble

i just made my first attempt at pan mee today. the perfect meal to accompany a girl on the first day of her period. it was so good, three of us finished up the whole pot. and i was hoping for leftovers.... ah well.

now my stomach's suffering the consequence. period + 2 bowls of pan mee = fucking preggers (pregnant) belly.

lately i've been noticing how big my waist has become. the other day i tried on a pair of pants. i SWEAR it fit me last yr. i couldn't zip it up this time!! WTF?!?!?! this has NEVER... i repeat, NEVER happened before. i blame jet for his incessant eating, hence, making me want to eat as well. what is it about relationships that just steer you towards the "horizontal path"?

i measured my waist and it's grown an inch since last year. so let's summarise my body now, shall we? i have NO BOOBS, a BIG WAIST and NO HIPS. *sigh*

ally... donate some boobs please. bambi... since you keep complaining about your explosive hips, i would gladly take some off you. and err... if you want some waist, i'll gladly oblige. hmm... seems like a one-sided trade, doesn't it.

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