Saturday, May 06, 2006

coward of debt

to the idiot who owes me money

i have been patient long enough. when you asked if i could sign up for YOUR phone contract, i obliged against all my better judgement, for i somehow had a feeling this would happen. but out of duty, i obliged anyway.

certain events occurred leading you to decide not to come back to melbourne. fine. i called the phone company to cancel the contract on your behalf. however, they offered me an alternative which i took as it would cost you less. after several frustrating phone calls, the arrangement was made.

i proposed for you to pay me a once off total to save you on TT fees, considering the foreign exchange would be working against you. you said you would pay month by month. fine. one month passes. two months pass. i ask you politely to transfer me the owing balance. you say you will... soon.

three months pass. i asked you again where the money was. you said you transferred it and would check to see what happened. four months pass. i ask again and you say you'll get your brother to transfer it to me. five months pass. i ask you again what's happened. no reply. i sms you. no reply. i msn you. no reply.

i ask your brother. he says you owe him money and he passed you money to pass to a friend. the friend didn't get the money.

and now you're blogging about life perking up for you. you're getting a new bmw. well... good for you. then i'm sure you should have no problems paying up your debt, asshole. or at least replying my messages to let me know what you plan to do about it. is that really so much to ask for?

when you owe someone money, especially someone who is doing you a favour, have the fucking guts to face up to it and do the right thing. i shouldn't have to keep asking you for it. you should be so lucky i have the decency not to shout out your name, as tempting as it may be.

but what good would it do anyway. you'd just tell everyone some twisted side of your story to make out like i'm the bitch in the wrong. well... i guess that's what cowards do. and that's what you are.


a||y said...

*rar*... hmm... i once had a so called 'friend' who borrowed money from me and 'MY' friends by explaining that the only other option was to resort to prostitution... Hmmm... 5 years later, still no sign of the $ or even an acknowledgement of the debt still owing... *sigh*... and same thing as well... 'life so great, travel here and there, what a fab job' etc. etc. etc....

lisha said...

errmmm... would this happen to be someone i met back in kl? i remember you telling me bout this before.

Anonymous said... about having a PMS XDD

so, he owes you money eh? well, i pity his ex-bitches then. whoever they are, im sure they're suckers haha! he bought things using stollen money XDD

chill girl. patience is a virtue. im sure he'll get whats coming to him. karma man. its all about karma....

"its so onions man! there's like layers and layers and layers..."

lisha said...

yes retribution of the karma. do i know you, btw?

Anonymous said...

nope. just a blog hopper. random blog from time to time. nice layout btw.