Monday, May 29, 2006

superglue - it works

jet was trying to superglue his ear stud back onto the stud backing and managed to superglue his fingertip to the tube of glue. somehow it leaked from the bottom, and only realised much later when it had dried into an unyielding state.

i googled "removing superglue"... google is just so fantastic. it listed a few option so we decided to try soaking his finger & tube in some warm, soapy water... it didn't do shit. i think it was too dry for that. so we started soaking it in nail polish instead. it worked a tiny little bit... but after awhile, jet resorted to a blade.

no.. nothing drastic and hero like chopping his skin off. it's not like we're in medieval war or anything. it took about half an hour of slowly cutting the layer of superglue between the tube and his skin in between using an oil dropper to drip nail polish onto his fingertip. i was obssessing with the dripping and didn't even realise the tube had dropped off til a few seconds later and then went "oh".

moral of the story... wear gloves or use tweezers when handling superglue.

will post the pics up later.


Magnolia Cupcake said...

well, at least he doesnt know how it tastes. its bitter. but surpisingly smooth.

lisha said...

must be an acquired taste... catered specially to architects.