Wednesday, May 31, 2006

fore dowlah

warning: rant & rave up ahead

what a shit day at work. this damn survey we're working on at the moment is paid by interview. people around me were making $20-$30 per hour with interviews. my luck was rotten and i managed to earn a record of $4 per hour.

man... might as well go work in malaysia. i'm just too nice. people tell me they're not interested in doing a survey and i meekly thank them and put down the phone... coz i don't want to be a pushy, annoying sales type person, right.

so i end up earning $4 an hr instead. next time someone says they're not interested, i should just bully them into it.

"yeah, i'm not interested."
"well neither am i!! but if you don't do this survey, i don't get paid. i don't get paid, i get hungry and a hungry woman is an angry woman!! and an angry woman will keep your phone number, stalk you down, tie you and your woman up, cut your balls off while she watches and let you bleed like a slaughtered pig. still not interested?!?!"


hope i get a good run next shift. i'm poor. very poor.

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