Tuesday, June 20, 2006


this is ridiculous. i'm feeling terribly tired even though i slept through til 11am and haven't done anything apart from eat and sit in front of the PC.

yet i feel as if i've just gone for a swim, a run and kickboxing.

then again... i've always had low energy levels. but my sugar levels should rise dramatically after dinner and supper.

we're going to swensen's for my little sister's birthday. and then to a&w for supper with jm. *happy dance* talk about being a big kid.

ice cream! waffles! coney dog! fried chicken! root beer! *going crazy*


The Nomadic Ink Slinger said...

I HATE YOU!!! *URGH*! DON'T EVEN MENTION A&W! Fine...I will go to the Asian groceries and get root beer...in a can.

lisha said...

MUAHAHA. i'll have some on your behalf, worry not. that's what friends are for! =D

Candidette said...

Im totally relating with you being tired despite sleeping! I feel it ALL the time. Its normal. honest!

The Nomadic Ink Slinger said...

Hahah...well in that case, I'll take a bucket of chicken, 5 large root beer floats and 7 connie dogs. THANK YOU!

lisha said...

are you pregnant?!